The Digit-al Dozen Does Birthday's - February 2017

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Technically I am posting this a day late (it's March here in Australia) but as I normally am ahead in time I figured I would still be posting on the correct day in the US.  As you may be aware each month the Digit-al Dozen girls celebrate a member's birthday by creating a mani inspired by a picture.  This month is Amanda's birthday (Lady Maid Nails) and she has chosen the picture below (I'm really not even sure how to describe this picture).

This picture is definitely not my style so I thought it was a good idea to strip back some of the layers and focus on the dots in the background.  If I was smart I should have stopped at a pink base (I used Zoya Rooney) with the light pink dots (I used OPI's What's The Double Scoop?).  Instead I thought it was wise to do the larger circles as well.  Here is a fun fact: I struggle to do circles freehand on my nails.  Know clue why, they just look terrible so I also go for a dotting tool.  As you can see, this really didn't turn out great.  For the larger circles I used OPI's Cement The Deal, Alpine Snow and Apartment For Two and Color Club's Disco's Not Dead.

I am so sorry Amanda for butchering your picture.  I am sure there is going to be some seriously AMAZING manis from the other girls.  I am now going to pretend that this mani didn't happen and move on. lol

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