31DC2017 Inspired By A Song

Friday, 22 September 2017

Day twenty two - can you believe that it is already the 22nd of September?  I'm in shock.  Today is also the last day of term for my baby, which means it's school holidays time!  I am both excited and a little nervous for these holidays.  I am not sure I am prepared for all the "I'm bored" that will be thrown my way, despite spending six hours at a park.  They joys of having a very active child.  Anyway, we are here to talk about nails and not school holidays.  Today's theme for 31DC2017 is inspired by a song.  I was listening to Rihanna the other day and her song Diamonds came on.  I figured this would make for an easy mani.

For my base I used Emily de Molly Monty Cora and topped that with All The Feelings (loving this combo - there are so many different colours happening in All The Feelings).  Stamping design is also by Emily de Molly EDM30.

Nine manis to go.....


  1. Ooh! This is very pretty!

    Good luck with the hols...we just got off summer break -- the kids were itching to get back to school!

    1. Thanks Monica! Good work surviving the holidays! I am just hoping for some decent weather - that will make things a lot easier lol