31DC2017: Gradient Nails

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Today's 31DC2017 theme is gradient nails.  I do love doing gradients.  They are still one of my favourite nail art techniques to do, even though I haven't really been doing them a lot lately (with the exception of this challenge).  Anyway, life has been throwing me some serious curve balls - especially last week.  As much as I wanted to do a different mani for today I just couldn't.  So instead of skipping over this theme (I am still absolutely determined to complete this 31 day challenge!) I am cheating and sharing with you the gradient I did as my base for me mani on Friday.

Polishes used are Essie No Place Like Chrome, Good As Gold and Penny Talk.

We are officially a third of the way through this challenge, how exciting is that?  The last two parts of this challenge is where things start to get a little scary for me but they don't call it a challenge for nothing do they.  How are you guys feeling about this challenge?  Loving it?  Hating it?  Wanting it to be over with?