31DC2017 Inspired By A Pattern

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Today's 31DC2017 theme is another one of my favourites in this last section of the challenge.  I mean inspired by a pattern you can really do anything you like can't you?  When I received Uberchic's Collection Twenty stamping plates I just knew that the image on the first plate would be perfect for today's theme.  It's not really want I imagined this mani would turn out like (I had something else in mind originally but changed my mind at the last second).  

This is probably one of the worst gradients that I have ever done but let's just pretend it's a decent gradient.  Polishes used are Pretty Serious Cosmetics Snugglebutt and Sugar Cakes, and stamped with Pretty Serious Cosmetics White Stamping Polish.  Stamping design is from Uberchic 20-01.  I will have my swatches and review of these plates later today. 

Only five more manis to go.  Can you tell I am getting excited?