31DC2017 Galaxies

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I don't know about you, but I am a little surprised how quickly Day nineteen of the 31DC2017 challenge has popped up. It really only feels like last week that I was starting this challenge, but here we are nineteen days in and nearly onto the final section of this challenge. The final section is definitely the most challenging for me! 

Today's theme is galaxies. Galaxy manis always were quite tricky for me. I think I have managed to do maybe two or three that I am really happy with. Past that, I am all for "cheating". Like today's mani. I definitely class this as cheating and I am all for it. I love how this turned out. For my base I used piCture pOlish Riviera and stamped using Powder Perfect's White Stamping Polish. Stamping image is from Bundle Monster BM-XL213.

Wish me luck guys.  I am going to be attempting watermarble tonight.  Eek.