31DC2017 Inspired By A Flag

Thursday, 28 September 2017

In Australia we are currently all voting for the legalization of gay marriage.  I don't tend to go into these sorts of topics very often (and don't take that as a sign I don't care) but honestly I think having to vote for the legalization of gay marriage is crazy.  Why can't two people who love each other get married because of their genders?  Seems crazy to me.  I mean who am I to stop two people from getting married?  Anyway, in honor of this I thought it would be appropriate to do a rainbow mani inspired by the rainbow flag.

Polishes used are Grace-full Nail Polish Raspberry, Mango, Lemon, Apple, Blueberry and Grape.

Only three more themes to go.  I can't believe this challenge is nearly over for this year.

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