31DC2017: Geometric Print

Saturday, 16 September 2017

It seems a little strange to not be combining today's 31DC2017 mani with something else (but never fear - I will be combining another challenge mani with a review later today so stay tuned for that).  For today's mani I am keeping this one really simple.  It's quick and easy and I can easily do it on both hands with minimal fuss. I promise my manis will start getting a bit more "fancier" soon.

For my base I used Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (I love this polish - it's such a shame they reformulated it).  Stamping design is from Uberchic 20-02.  I really like this design.  There are actually quite a few awesome designs on Uberchic's Collection 20 stamping plates - but you'll have to hold off a little longer for my review.  I'm still working on my manis.