China Glaze Electric Nights Collection - Swatches & Review

Sunday, 29 March 2015

When you hear the words "new China Glaze collection" you get excited but when you hear that the new China Glaze collection is a neon collection you stalk every possible online store that you can think of until you find it.  As soon as I saw it on head2toe beauty I purchased it without a moment of thought.  Usually orders to me from the US to me take about two weeks so you can imagine my surprise when I came home one rainy day to find not one but two large boxes (and a couple of small packages) with so much neon goodness!  It was a polish lovers dream.  Anyway, I am obviously extremely excited to share with you the new China Glaze Electric Nights Collection.  Let's jump right in shall we?

Can I Get An Untz Untz is a clear based polish with neon green, blue and purple glitters in various sizes.  I found this polish (and the other two glitter polishes in this collection) to be very base heavy.  To test them I used a semi dabbing technique but for future use I plan on sponging it on.  I think it will give a better glitter payoff and won't end up bubbling because of the thick base.  All that being said I do love this glitter.  I think it's really cool.  I used two coats over white for my swatch.

Daisy Knows My Name? is described as a hi-light yellow creme.  I always like to test out my neon polishes without white undies to start with because I like to see how bright that are without it.  Sadly this polish isn't as bright, is quite streaky and is slow drying so a white base is definitely need (I have a comparison post coming up which compared this polish with the white base and without).  I used four coats for my swatch.

DJ Blue My Mind is a vivid blue creme and it is stunning.  I love this blue.  It's still not my perfect neon blue that I am looking for but I do still love it.  It's easy to work with and only requires two coats to be opaque.

Glow With The Flow is an ultra bright pink creme.  Stunning colour.  The formula is easy to work with and it does look opaque in two coats.  I did use three coats for my swatch because a couple of my nails looked slightly uneven.  I am not sure if it was because of the lighting or because of how I applied it.

Home Sweet House Music is a neon orange creme.  I found the application of this one to be slightly patchy and needed three coats to even out.  Gorgeous colour.

Let The Beat Drop is a clear base polish with hot pink, orange and purple glitters in various sizes.  The purple glitters were actually a surprise to me as you can't really see them in my bottle.  I love the mix of colours in this one.  The formula is very similar to Can I Get An Untz Untz although I think this one has more glitter (or less base).  I used two coats over white for my swatch.

Plur-ple is a blue toned vibrant purple.  I love this one!  This was actually the first polish I used from the collection and it was instant love.  The formula is great too, it's easy to use and is opaque in two coats.

Point Me To The Party is a neon green, orange, pink, purple, blue and yellow matte multi-sized glitter topper.  I adore this one.  There is so many colours so you can mix and match it with different colours.  I love it as an accent nail.  The formula is the same as Can I Get An Untz Untz.  I used two coats over white for my swatch.

Red-y To Rave is a neon red creme.  Another great formula.  It's easy to use and is opaque in two coats.

Treble Maker is described as a glowing green creme.  I had a lot of compliments when I wore this colour (including from males who have no interest in nail polish).  Super easy formula to use.  I used two coats for my swatch.

UV Meant To Be is described as a tranquil baby blue creme.  I love this colour too.  It's still not my perfect neon blue (it's just not bright enough).  The formula is fantastic and needs two coats to be opaque.

Violet-Vibes is the other purple in this colour and no surprises I love this one.  It's described as a ultra-violet purple creme.  I imagine it will be extra bright over white but for my swatch I used two coats by itself.

Overall, my thoughts - I love this collection!  I love the formulas, the colours, the glitter mixes.... I have zero complaints about this collection.  I would love to pick out some favorites but really I love them all.  I have started preparing a swatch comparison post to post in a couple of days so if there are any polishes you would like me to compare just let me know.

I am not entirely sure which stores carry this collection but I do know that head2toe beauty have them.  Which ones will you be picking up?


  1. Excellent swatches! The glitters are so reminiscent of an indie polish. Really love the green and the pink in particular I love the Blues and purples but not sure if they pop enough for me though I reckon a white base might make a difference. I'd love to see comparisons with other CG neon blues, pinks and purples eg It's Shore Bright and Bottoms Up. That all said I think I need them all

    1. Thanks Claire. The glitters are very indie like except they are more base heavy than what you would get from an indie maker. But I love them! I love the whole collection. I've already done my swatch comparisons of the Sunsational cremes and these ones :)

  2. I don't have any certain polishes to compare this too but how do you they compare to some of the other CG neon collections? Your swatches make everything look fantastic.

    1. Thanks Christy. I am going to be posting my comparison post tomorrow (so in around 12 hours). I've included a few of the other CG neons (including the Sunsational cremes). As for formulas between the Sunstationals and this collection I think this collection overall is slightly better. My Sunsationals have been very well loved so I am not sure if the formulas have changed over time or if I am just more use to using them.

  3. Which do you think has the better formula, Sunsational cremes or Electric nights?