February 2017 Favourites

Tuesday 28 February 2017

I know that February is a shorter month than others but man this month flew by incredibly fast.  It may have something to do with my daughter being at school and having all of her usual activities back that makes it seem like the days have gone by quicker than usual.  Anyway, today I want to share with you some of the things that I have been loving this month.  I have had lots of new things to play with this month which has been nice but have also done a lot of nail art.  Let's take a little look shall we?

Nail Art
This month I slowed down a little on nail art (mainly because I had new polishes to swatch).  That being said I still had nineteen nail art related posts (versus the twenty four posts of last month) so there is definitely a lot of manis to pick from for my favourites.  Normally my nail art favourites for the month are full of neon manis and things with lots of colours.  This month I have definitely been loving more simple manis and matte nails!  I am still obsessed with matte nails. 

Nail Art Products

Continuing along the lines of nail art, I have played with a few new stamping plates this month.  Some I haven't shown yet on my blog so I will skip over them until I have used them a bit more.  I have a bit of a pet hate for when people claim that something is their favourite when they haven't actually used it before.  Does that bother anyone else or is it just me?  Anyway, there have definitely been some great plates but there is only one that stands out from this month.

Lina Nail Art Supplies Make Your Mark 02 Stamping Plate
It's probably no surprise that this plate has made it's way to my monthly favourites.  There are definitely two plate collections from Lina that I love - Feeling Shapely and Make You Mark.  Seriously there are some awesome images on these plates.  You can find my original post on this plate here.

Image from Lina Nail Art Supplies

Nail Polish
As I mentioned earlier, I have had a lot of new polishes to play with this month.  I always love having new polishes (and spoiler alert: I already have some new polishes ready to swatch for next month!). 

Emily de Molly Valentine's Trio
I love all things that sparkle - yes I know I am such a girl.  This trio has some serious bling to it!  I am mean serious!  While I really like all three of the polishes there is definitely two stand outs for me - Three's A Crowd and Animated Hearts.  You can find my original post on these polishes here.

Grace-full Nail Polish Neutral Beauty Collection
I am such a big fan of this collection, which may come as a surprise seems I normally gravitate towards brighter polishes.  I do like to mix things up sometimes.  Anyway, there are four stand outs in this collection for: Lilac Ice, Purple Lotus, Deep Blush Rose and Greige Enigma.  For more pictures and the review of this collection you can check out my post here.

Powder Perfect Camelot Collection
There are three polishes from this collection that I love and keep going back to look at the pictures in my phone.  Hands down my favourite from the collection is Lancelot, closely followed by King Arthur and Excalibur.

piCture pOlish Aurora
This is actually a polish that I rediscovered this month.  I believe the first time I wore this was a couple of years ago (if you dig deep into my Instagram account you can find my original swatch of this polish).  I can't recall if I have worn it since that picture or not but I broke it out recently and fell in love all over again.  I definitely need to use the other piCture pOlish multichromes very soon!

Orly La La Land Collection 
Now this collection took forever for me to get my hands on but it didn't disappoint.  While I am not a huge fan of how sheer in colour this collection is, I am a big fan of the colours.  Cool In California, Big City Dreams, As Seen On TV and Forget Me Not are my favourites.

Your Favourites
I always find it interesting to see what my most liked pictures are on Instagram vs my personal favourites each month.  This month it appears that we had similar thoughts.  Here are the top nine most liked pictures for February.

As for blog posts, these are the three most viewed blog posts for this month:

I am pretty happy with everything I have done this month.  There was definitely a few bumps a long the way but that is to be expected I guess.   Not everything can be easy.  I am so excited for March.  I have lots already in my planner and have some new polishes and plates to share with you soon.  March also marks my fourth year on Instagram so I will have to think of something for that (if you have any suggestions then definitely let me know).  Also let me know if there are any blog posts etc you would like to see.  I love hearing from you guys.