Random Manis

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

I have a bit of a different post for you today.  Randomly I do manis that I don't share on any platforms - I even do some that I don't even take photos of.  There is no reason for either of these things but I thought why not share them now?  Now most of these manis are once that I actually wore in 2017 and to be honest some of them I don't recall what polishes I used.  Sorry.  I will my best to provide details of what I used.

For this mani I used the entire OPI Retro Summer Collection.  I love this collection.

This mani is done using a bunch of Dance Legend neon polishes.

Last year I went through a bit of a matte phase.  I remember wearing this mani for a couple of days.  Loved it then and still love it now.  Polish is Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue (the original formula).

I told you I had a bit of a matte phase last year.  I can't remember exactly what red polish I used but I really liked wearing it matte.

You can never go wrong with glitter accent nails.  They just give a little sparkle to a simple mani.  Polishes used are both from OPI.  I can't remember what the creme is but the glitter is Mad As A Hatter.

Polishes used for this mani are Emily de Molly Eyes Only and Animated Hearts.

That's all of the random manis that I have sitting on my computer at the moment.  Let me know what you think about seeing posts like today's?  I can make note of what polishes etc I have used next time.