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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

I can't believe that we are two days away from the new year - and that this is the second last blog post from me for this year.  What a crazy, crazy year it has been.  Anyway, before I start rambling...let's talk about all things stamping.  I think previously I have put stamping plates and stamping polishes in different posts but I don't really have a lot to share this year (this year I have done hardly any nail art - especially when you compare it to previous yet) so I am putting all things stamping into today's post.

For no other reason than because I can I am going to kick this post off with the stamping plates.  Stamping plates are my go to when it comes to nail art.  They are easy to use (once you know the technique - there is definitely a little bit of a learning curve) and always give great results.

Hit The Bottle To Love Or Not To Love 
This plate was love at first sight for me.  As soon as Michelle shared pictures of it I knew I had to have it.  I did purchase it but Michelle kindly refunded it and told me to use it as a press sample.  But that doesn't change my opinion at all on this plate (or any other products - every review I do is 100% honest).  I am head over heels with this plate.  You can find my swatches and review of this plate here

Image from Hit The Bottle
MoYou London Trend Hunter 02
I don't really own many images in this kind of style but I love them.  I think they make for great accent nails as well as on their own.  You can see my swatches and review here.
Image from MoYou London
Moyra Love Love 
I am a little on the fence about including this plate in today's post.  As you know I am not really a fan of the individual images (I am all about the full nail images) and given this plate is half full sized and have single images I thought I shouldn't include it.  But ultimately I am such a big fan of the full images that I thought I should include it.  You can see my swatches and review in this post here.
Image from Moyra
Uberchic Beauty Business Chic 01
Oh Uberchic!  How I love you and your plates.  Like previous years, today's post is full of Uberchic plates - and to think I haven't tried any of their new plates in quite a few months.  Anyway, the Business Chic plate has amazing images on it.  They are simple in their design but look amazing on the nails!  You can find my swatches and reviews here.
Image from Uberchic Beauty
Uberchic Beauty Just For Claws Collection
As someone who sometimes has longer nails (and I know they aren't super long in comparison to some people's nails) I love that Uberchic have done a collection for longer nails.  Plus the images are awesome!  You can see my swatches and review for these plates here.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
Uberchic Beauty Simply Organic
One of the things that I love about this plate is how simple but how cool the images are.  The look amazing stamped alone and with a little something happening underneath the image (like a gradient etc).  You can see my swatches and review here.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
What's Up Nails Geometric Trance
Geometric prints are some of my all time favourite images to have on my nails so this plate is right up my alley.  I just love all of the designs.  You can find my swatches and review here.
Image from What's Up Nails
What's Up Nails Geo-Radical
Another geometric plate but this one has a little bit more of a simple look in the designs and I am here for it!  You can find my swatches and review here.
Image from Whats Up Nails

Another staple in my collection but oddly enough I tend to grab for black stamping polishes more than anything else. Mainly because it's easier to match up with base colours.  But that doesn't stop me from loving the other stamping polishes out there.  And bonus points for those stamping polishes that double as regular polishes as well.

Hit The Bottle Electro Candypop
I love the colour of this one!  Sadly it's one of those colours that don't photograph accurately.  You can find my review here.

Hit The Bottle I Am Woman, Hear Me Pour
Aside from being a gorgeous colour, I love that this one doubles as a regular polish too.  Plus it also dries to a matte finish which I also love.  You can find my swatch and review post here.

Hit The Bottle Stonewashed & Windswept
This is a gorgeous colour too that again doubles as a stamping polish.  You can find my original blog post here.

MoYou London Stamping Polishes 
This year I had the opportunity to play with MoYou London's stamping polishes and I am extremely impressed.  They offer a great range of colours and they stamp beautifully.  You can find all the swatches I did here.

Moyra Foil Stamping Polishes
This wasn't the first year I tried Moyra's Foil Stamping Polishes but I did receive some new ones this year and I love them!  I do still have a learning curve with the foils but that will come with time and practice.  You can see my post here.

What's Up Nails Stamping Polishes
And last but certainly not least - the What's Up Stamping Polishes.  They have a huuuuuuge range of colours and finishes.  You can find that post here

This post was longer than I initially thought it would be.  Oops.  Seeing all these things again makes me want to stamp my nails again.  Now just to work out what I want to use first...



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