What's Up Nails Mixed Stamping Polishes - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 23 April 2020

After a few not so happy blog posts about What's Up Nails stickers (if you haven't seen those posts then long story short - the colours are really cool but the stickers don't stick on my curved nails so I personally can't recommend them) I have some awesome things to talk about - their stamping polishes!  I was lucky enough to be sent eight of their stamping polishes in a few finishes and I am so impressed!  Like with my other stamping polish posts I have stamped each polish over a white base and a black base so that it hopefully gives you an idea how each of these perform over light and dark polishes.  Stamping image is from What's Up Nails Geometric Trance.

Buff Is The Stuff is a beige creme stamping polish.  I love this one!  I think the colour is fantastic and it stamps beautifully over both white and black.

Fab Cab is a yellow creme stamping polish.  Again this is an awesome stamping polish.  It's great over both black and white.

Hotter Than Red is a metallic red stamping polish.  This is definitely so much better in person than in my swatch.  It is a stunning red!  While it stamps well over both black and white I do prefer it over the white.

Jay For A Day is a blue creme stamping polish.  Seriously love the colour of this one!  It doesn't look the greatest over black but OMG it is amazing over light colours (especially blue!  You'll see that mani soon).

Purrple Kitty is a purple creme stamping polish.  Seriously in love with this one too.  Again, it's not the greatest over black (definitely not terrible) but it's so good over white.

Roses Are Gold is a rose gold metallic stamping polish.  This is absolutely stunning both over white and black.

Silver Ag-ent is a silver metallic stamping polish.  You can't go wrong with silver stamping polishes and this one is awesome.

Sundae Topping is a dark brown creme stamping polish.  I'm not particularly a fan of this colour over black or white (personal taste) but it is definitely a great brown for certain types of nail art.

I love What's Up Nails stamping polishes!  They have a great range of colours and finishes and they stamp beautifully.  You can purchase their stamping from the What's Up Nail website.

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