Favourite Mainstream Polishes 2020

Monday, 28 December 2020

Today's favourites posts is definitely going to be one of the shortest favourites post I have ever done.  As I mentioned yesterday I haven't really played with too many mainstream polishes this year.  It's a little sad but at the same time it makes my job really easy because there are less polishes to deal with.  Let's take a look at the few mainstream favourites that I have for 2020.

Dance Legend Adamant 
Dance Legend is one of those brands that falls into the grey area for me.  It's not quite indie but its not mainstream either.  Because I have about a million favourites in the indies I am going to consider Dance Legend as a mainstream brand.  Anyway, there is one stand out for me - Adamant.  I mean it's holo and has flakies which is always a winner in my books.  You can find more swatches of this polish here.

Jessica Cosmetics Popsicle Kisses
The California Girls Collection is the one collection that I debated about putting into my collection favourites post yesterday.  While I do love the collection and each of the polishes it's just not quite what I would consider a favourite - especially when you compare it to other mainstream collections of the past that I have loved.  Popsicle Kisses is a gorgeous shade and was definitely a favourite from the collection.  You can see the blog post here.

OPI Coral Chroma and Prismatic Fanatic
I received two of the polishes from OPI's Hidden Prism Collection and I love them both!  They are both a little sheer for me to wear on their own but as toppers I am in heaven.  You can find both of the polishes in this post here.

I told you this was going to be a very short favourites post.  Now excuse me while I have to try and narrow down these indie favourites of mine.  Ahhhh!

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