Favourite Polish Collections 2020

Sunday, 27 December 2020

It has definitely been a very interesting year and as a result my blog had to take a little step back meaning that I had very limited blog posts.  I honestly wasn't too sure if it would be worth me wrapping up the year with my favourites posts like I have previously done so I asked on Instagram.  95% of you guys that responded that you wanted to see them and to be honest I love looking back on these types of posts so here we are.  Like usual, I will have a post for my favourite collections, stamping goodies, polishes and nail art.  Let's get started with my favourite collections.  Like always these aren't in any particular order and are only include collections that I swatched on my blog this year.

Mainstream Collections
It's kinda funny.  If you look back at the 2019 collection favourites I make a comment about how 2019 was very quiet on the mainstream front.  Well 2020 was even quieter again (although with the limit in blog posts that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise).  With the collections that I swatched this year I can't say that there were any really stand outs like there has been in previous years.

Indie Collections
The indie makers have been on fire again this year!  Emily de Molly and Grace-full Nail Polish have had one amazing collection after the other so once again they fill up my favourites posts (and polish drawers).

Emily de Molly Glitter Toppers
These toppers were released back in 2019 but I didn't get around to swatching them until this year which is why they are in today's post.  Seriously, these toppers are gorgeous and I am thinking I definitely need to break them back out again. If you are interested in seeing the original post you can find that here.

Emily de Molly March 2020 Releases
Typically when I receive swatch packages I don't have any idea what is in them.  As Hayley has her polishes in individual boxes I have even less clue what is in each box.  This was one of those collections that box by box I opened them and I was in love!  These polishes didn't disappoint when they were on the nails either!  You can find my original blog post for this release here.

Emily de Molly April 2020 Releases
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Emily de Molly?  Month after month Hayley KILLS it with her releases.  I mean look at April's releases.  You can find my original blog post here.

Emily de Molly June 2020 Releases
June was an epic month for Emily de Molly!  Not only did they release this amazing release but there was also some stunning Limited Edition Polishes as well.  Plus they celebrated their 8th birthday!  That's 8 years of glorious polishes.  You can find more swatches of June's releases here.

Emily de Molly June 2020 Limited Edition Polishes
Hayley not only created an epic ten piece release in June but she also gave us two equally stunning limited edition polishes.  It's stuff like this that makes my job of narrowing down favourites close to impossible.  You can find more swatches in the blog post here.

Emily de Molly October 2020 Releases
This release being in this post probably comes as no surprise and I think it's safe to say that I am not the only person who would put these in their favourites.  Hayley released a couple of these types of polishes as part of the Polish Pick Up and everyone fell in love (rightly so).  She then gave us a whole collection and I am very grateful she did.  You can find the blog post for this release here.

Grace-full Nail Polish Boxing Day 2019
Moving along from Emily de Molly - Grace-full are another brand that collection after collection they bring us amazing polishes.  The Boxing Day polishes were released last year but again I didn't actually swatch them until this year.  You can see the original post here.

Grace-full Nail Polish Colourful Lyrics Collection
I am such a sucker for creme polishes.  They look great by themselves and are perfect for nail art and as bases for toppers.  This collection was all that plus makes for a very pretty rainbow.  You can see the original post here.

Grace-full Nail Polish Fluro Pastels Collection
If I absolutely had to pick only one collection to be a favourite for 2020 then I am 99% sure this would be the collection.  I have actually worn the polishes quite a few times - including as a skittle mani which sadly I never took any pictures of.  It's definitely something I will be wearing again so I will have to make sure I take a picture next time.  You can find the post for these babies here.

Grace-full Nail Polish Boxing Day 2020 Exclusives
Theresa is giving us a little bit of a teaser for 2021 by bringing us some throwback polishes (Theresa has said that next year there will be more throwbacks coming so get excited people!)  Anyway I love all of these polishes and I am definitely excited for 2021 - both new polishes and the throwbacks.  In case you missed the post with these you can find that here.

Grace-full Nail Polish Special Xmas Gift 2019
This is a collection that wasn't actually released but it is very much needed in my favourite collections.  Last year I was incredibly lucky to receive 4 custom polishes from Theresa for Christmas and I love them all!  These are also polishes that I have worn a few times this year too.  You can see more swatches of these in this post here.

That brings us to the end of my favourite collections of 2020.There has been soooo many amazing collections this year which makes me really excited to see what comes out in 2021.




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