Moyra Nail Stamping White Foil Stamping Polish, Gold & Silver Foils, & Aqua Top Coat - Swatches & Review

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Today I have a quite a few products from Moyra to share with you.  They all work well together and it would be kind of hard to separate into different posts so I thought why not just talk about them all in the same post.  Which products are we going to be talking about?  Well, I have the White Stamping Polish, the Silver and Gold Stamping Foils and the Aqua Top Coat.  

White Foil Stamping Polish
This polish surprised me a little.  It seemed a little sheer in comparison to other white stamping polishes but it does stamp well.  It also dried relatively slow which allows for plenty of time to add the foil.
Silver & Gold Stamping Foils
I have very curved nails and foils don't seem to love me.  With that said, I think I am finding a way for them to work for me.  I definitely still have a bit of a learning curve with them.  I allowed the stamping polish to "dry" for about 10-20 seconds and then sponged on the foils.  I did attempt to apply the gold foil to the full nail but it didn't turn out great so I ended up having to random put the foil on to fix it.  I do love how shiny these are and definitely want to keep trying to get them for work for me.

Aqua Top Coat
If you don't know most top coats will cause foils to wrinkle.  Introducing the Aqua Top Coat...I am a big fan of this for foils.  Initially I was worried because it looked quite milky on the nails but as it dried it turned clear and the foils remained smooth and shiny!  It does dry slowly but I am ok with that.
While I definitely have a learning curve when it comes to foils and my nails I am definitely a huge fan of all of these products.  I am definitely going to have to break out the other colours in the Moyra foils that I own and practice some more.

All products mentioned are available now from Moyra Nail Stamping.

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