Grace-full Nail Polish Pruglies Take 2 Collection - Swatches & Review

Sunday, 23 June 2019

If you saw my post on Friday then you will know that Grace-full Nail Polish have not one but two new collections.  You can find my swatches and review of the Roads Go Ever On Collection here if you missed it but today we are going to look at the new Pruglies Take 2 Collection.

Before we jump in I just want to say that the formulas across this collection is identical (or as close to identical as polish formulas can be).  So rather than repeating myself I figured I would talk about the formulas as a whole now.  Each of the polishes apply like a dream.  They are even and have enough opacity that you can stop at one coat if you wanted.  I used two coats for all of my swatches - mainly out of habit, but because there were a couple of nails that I think looked a little see through at the tips in direct light (personal pet hate of mine because I am fussy like that). 

Paint The Brown Red is a grey toned brown creme.  I quite like the colour of this one, especially for this cold weather we are having at the moment.

Rust In Time is a brown toned orange creme.  This one isn't my type of colour, although it could be good for some nail art.

Sage Before Beauty is a dark sage creme.  I don't usually go for green toned polishes but this is another colour that I quite like. 

The Berry Best is a berry toned red creme.  This is maybe my favourite from this collection.  There is something about these types of colours that I really like when its cold.  No clue why.  They are just so pretty.

I am a big fan of this collection.  The colours are great for this time of year and the formulas are awesome.

The Pruglies Take 2 Collection will be available on Grace-full Nail Polish's Australian site on 24th June 8pm AEST and on the international site at 5am CST.

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