The Digit-al Dozen Does Rainforest: Day Three - Spiders

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I am continuing along the lines of things that scare me (and are also found in a rainforest - it's like two themes combined into one).  Today I have spiders.  I am not a fan of spiders at all.  Yes I live in Australia and there are a lot of spiders here (and some really nasty ones) but luckily for me I don't tend to come across them all that often.  In our current house there is lots of plants and trees around so there are more spiders than what I have previously experienced, but I imagine that is nothing in comparison to the amount of spiders in a small section of a rainforest.  

For my base I used Color Clubs It's About Thyme (you know because there is lots of different shades of green in the rainforest) and stamped using Mundo de Unas Black and White Stamping Polishes.  Stamping designs are both from Lina Nail Art Supplies Spooklicious 01 Stamping Plate.


  1. Yuck to spiders. Luckily here in England we have very few large spiders and most can be squished with a tissue.
    This mani had me feeling all creepy crawly on my skin, it actually reminds me of the spiders from The Hobbit movie or maybe Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets, so dark and scary!
    Vicky x

    1. Yuck! Sorry I really didn't mean to make your skin all crawly. It's such a horrible feeling.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Christy. Do you guys get a lot of spiders where you live?