Uberchic Beauty Unicorn Love Stamping Plate and New UberMat - Swatches & Review

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Uberchic Beauty have gone a little release crazy at the moment (not that that is a bad thing at all - I love Uberchic!).  I have been working slowly but surely on some swatches and reviews of all the new things for you guys.  I thought it would be fun to start off with the new Unicorn Love stamping plate and the New UberMat.  Later this week and next week I'll have Collections 16 and Collection 17, and the new Texture-licious mini stamping plate.  

Unicorn Love Stamping Plate
Who doesn't love unicorns?  They are magically and so colourful, what's not to love?  This is a full plate dedicated to everything unicorns.  There is also a good mix better cutesy unicorns and some more "grown up" unicorns which I quite like.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
I recently swatched this new polish from Glam Polish (which I will have my swatches and a review of in a couple of days - and you'll definitely want to check that out because this polish is seriously amazing!) and thought that it was a perfect base for a unicorn mani.  Sadly, when I did this mani there was no sunshine so you'll have to consider this mani as a sneak peek of May The 4th Be With You.  Stamping polish is Powder Perfect's Black.

New UberMat
I am a HUGE fan of the UberMats.  I seriously don't know how I survived without one.  I have two of the large original mats which I used on a daily basis.  One lives on my nail table to help safe the surface from well me being a clumsy idiot.  I also use it to do my smoosh manis, blobs for when I am dotticures or freehand something....really you name it I've done it with this mat.  My second one lives on top of my polish drawers which I use when trying to decide colours for layering, when painting my swatch sticks etc.  Seriously I really don't know what I did without these mats!
Uberchic have upped their game and have updated there mat with a few new things.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
I am a huge fan of the black and white circles on the right of the mat.  I am guilty of painting white and black spots on my mat to test stamping over and now I don't have to to that.  There is plenty of spaces for me to test on with this mat.  I also really like that there is extra nail outlines than on the original mat.  I personally like to use these for decals (FYI I did do with the unicorn plate and this mat but my mani was a fail which is why it's not in this post).  On the left of this plate is some shapes and letters and numbers which you can use to free hand some decals for your nails.  I'm not too sure if this is something I will use but never say never right?

I really love this new UberMat and am so happy to have it.  It's moved straight to my nail table for everyday use.  I also like the Unicorn Love Stamping Plate.  It's a fun stamping plate and it stamps really well.

The Unicorn Love Stamping Plate and the New UberMat are available now from Uberchic Beauty.



  1. The unicorn plate is stunning and I love the mani you created, that image is faultless. I also really like the little stars!
    Do you know I don't have a mat? I really need to get myself one.
    Vicky x

    1. You don't have a mat? *insert a shocked face here* I highly recommend them. I have only tried that Uberchic one but I assume they are the same thing with different designs. Pop one on your wishlist!

      Thank you. I really like those little stars too. They would make for a great Galaxy mani :)

  2. Uberchic does it again!! I need a new mat, mine from them is 2 years old almost!!

    1. Nearly 2 years? Have the mats really been around that long? Where does the time go? If you had asked me I would have told you that they were released last year lol