Lina Nail Art Supplies 4 Seasons Summer 02 Stamping Plate - Swatches & Review

Monday, 17 July 2017

If you are a fellow stamper then you are probably aware that Lina Nail Art Supplies has released four new stamping plates - Make Your Mark 05, Born To Sail 02, Let's Doodle 01 and 4 Seasons - Summer 02.  I believe that a few of these have sold out on the Lina Nail Art Supplies store, but never fear.  Hit The Bottle has them in stock.  Gotta love stockists, especially when they are in the same country as you.  Added bonus for my fellow Aussies - you can also purchase Hit The Bottle's stamping polishes (which I am loving) at the same time.  I personally love being about to grab more things from the one place to save on postage costs.  Anyway, I am getting side tracked here.  Let's take a look at the 4 Seasons - Summer 02 stamping plate.

Image from Lina Nail Art Supplies
I am hugely drawn to the floral images on this plate.  Given it's a summer plate, I thought I would grab out some neons and boy oh boy am I loving this mani.  For my base I used Color Club's East Austin, Modern Pink and Diggin' The Dancing Queen (all from the Coated Collection) and stamped using Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish.

As I mentioned before I am really drawn to the floral images on this plate, but I decided to mix it up and use these cute little flamingos.  For my base I used Grace-full Nail Polish Get A Hooker and stamped using Hit The Bottle Drunk Tank Pink.

Have I mentioned that I really like the floral images on this plate?  They are definitely the highlight of this plate for me.  There are definitely some great images on this plate, especially for those of you who participate in nail art challenges.

The 4 Seasons - Summer 02 Stamping Plate (along with other Lina Nail Art Supplies' plates) is available now from Hit The Bottle.

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