The Digit-al Dozen Does 5 Days 5 Continents: Africa

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I've put the nail art brushes away and have picked back up my stamping plates for today's Digit-al Dozen mani.  Today I am going to Africa.  I had originally planned on doing a similar mani to this animal mani here but then I think that that would be a bit boring seems I only did that a couple of days ago.  Luckily for me I have Uberchic Beauty Out Of Africa stamping plate which was perfect for today's mani.

For my base I sponged on Grace-full Nail Polish's Raspberry, Mango and Lemon and stamped using Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish.

I thought this mani would look great matte so I added piCture pOlish's G'Day Matte.


  1. Another fab design, this mani def screams Africa. When I saw it I thought of Lion King!
    Vicky x

    1. Thanks Vicky. I love the Lion King! Disney now have a tv show (and movie) called The Lion Guard which is Simba all grown up. My daughter was obsessed with it for a while there. So cute

  2. lovely. stamping came out so crisp.

  3. OH yes, the matte look is amazing!

  4. Ohh, that stamping image is so neat!!