Nail Crazies Unite: Beach

Friday, 28 July 2017

It's time for another Nail Crazies Unite mani.  This week we are doing another summer related theme - beach.  I definitely wasn't excited going into this theme especially seems we only just did ocean life for the last mani.  I'm sure it doesn't help that I am stuck in winter.  Anyway, enough complaining about the cold Tracy, talk about today's mani.

When I was younger I grew up living really close to the beach so we did spend a fair bit of time there.  One of my favourite things to do when going to the beach was finding shells.  At our beach, there was two main sorts of shells that I would find.  Little mini white shells and then there were these bigger shells that were brown toned on one side and had a beautiful pearl look on the opposite side.  They were definitely my favourite to find.  So today I have done a mani inspired by those shells.

For my base I used OPI Pearl Of Wisdom (over white) and stamped using Colour Alike B An Ice Coffee.  Stamping image is Lina Nail Art Supplies Born To Sail 01.

This mani definitely looks much prettier in person than in my pictures.