Mid Year Reflections

Monday, 3 July 2017

Happy Monday everyone!  And Happy July!  I can't believe that we are now officially in the second half of the year.  I am really not sure where the first half has disappeared to but I usually find that the second half of the year goes by even quicker.  Eeek!  Anyway, at the beginning of this year I did a post with my "New Years Resolutions".  If you missed that post you can find it here.  I thought given that we are at the half way mark I should revisit these resolutions and see how I am tracking.  To keep myself more accountable I thought I would share it with you guys too.  This post really will just be full of me rambling.  I will try and break in down into some sort of sections so you can find what bits you are interested in or just skip over this post completely. 

Blogging Schedule
I went into blogging this year with no intentions of committing myself to do x amount of blog posts a week, instead I was just playing it by ear.  For those of you who don't know, I like to plan ahead for my posts.  It was something I started doing on Instagram with all the nail art challenges (which is how I managed to fit so many in each month) and I've carried it over to my blog.  Not only does it allow me to know what to do next (I can get overwhelmed and then can't work out what I should do next - planning my blog posts ahead of time fixes that) but it also makes it easier for me to see if I have time to take on any new swatching commitments.  I aim to have a quick turn around time and hate having people waiting on me.  Anyway, for the first five months of this year I did daily blogging, but took a bit of step back last month.  I still managed to do 24 posts (that works out on average as 6 posts a week) which really isn't much of a step back when you break it down.  Oops.  

Comparison Posts
I had planned on doing some more comparison posts this year.  So far I have managed no comparisons.  With daily blogging, you think that I would have managed some wouldn't you?  Nope.  None.  I have been concentrating on another two goals instead - swatching all of the polishes that I purchased in 2016 and swatching everything I have purchased this year.  If there is anything that you want to see me swatch you can always let me know and I will do them.

My 'To Swatch' List
I have managed to get through a fair portion of the polishes that I purchased last year.  I only have the following left to swatch:

Grace-full Nail Polish Once Upon A Dream Collection
Zoya Ultra Brites Collection
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Dope Nails Exclusive
Femme Fatale Cosmetics There & Back (Part) Collection

As for the things that I have purchased this year, well that list is definitely much longer!  I blame Aussie Indie Con completely....ok maybe not completely, but it definitely makes up a huge part of my 'to swatch list'.  The list currently looks like this:

China Glaze My Little Pony Collection
Color Club Pop Play Collection
Color Club Coated Collection
Aussie Indie Con VIP polishes
Grace-full Nail Polish Fruit Salad Collection
Grace-full Nail Polish In Omnia Paratus Collection 
Grace-full Nail Polish Easter 2016 Duo
Hit The Bottle Holo Stamping Collection
A few random Hit The Bottle Stamping Polishes
Emily de Molly purchases from Aussie Indie Con
Celestial Cosmetics purchases from Aussie Indie Con
piCture pOlish new collabs and neon polishes
9 Lina Nail Art Supplies stamping plates (with some more on the way)

I also have a couple of new Emily de Molly's and a Femme Fatale Cosmetics polish that are on their way.  I think that is everything.  It's save to say I won't run out of things to blog about anytime soon.  The question still remains will I be able to swatch everything I have purchased this year plus last year.  I guess we'll find out in the next six months.

Nail Art
Nail art was something that I have been slowly increasing on my blog for quite some time now and it definitely makes up a big part of my blog now.  For the first couple of months I did participate in a couple of different nail art challenges such as Nail Challenge Collaborative, 30 Days Of Colour and Challenge Your Nail Art.  I am currently only doing three nail art challenges: The Digit-al Dozen, 26 Great Nail Art Ideas and Nail Crazies Unite.  I am most likely going to be tackling the 31DC2017 when that comes up in September.  I am just a little unsure how I am going to go about it is a daily challenge, plus I will still have other challenges and swatching stuff to do.  There is going to have to be some seriously planning done for September.  Any suggestions?

Random Posts
I have done a few random posts here and there but not a lot.  I mentioned that I was going to be doing maybe some tags (which I believe I had scheduled earlier in the year but pushed them out in favour of new things instead lol).  I have shared my nail art collection and how I store everything (you can find that post here if you missed it), I have done my first ever haul post (the Aussie Indie Con post here) and I have done a 'now and then' post here.

Are there any particular random posts you want to see?  I am open to any and all suggestions.  I am planning on doing a destash soon so maybe I could do some before and after posts?  Let me know if that is something you would be interested in seeing.

Favourites Posts
This is one thing that I said I was going to do and I have managed to do it all year so far.  Woohoo!  On the last day of the month I do a favourites post for all of my nail art, stamping plates and polishes for the month.  I always have been included manis that have been the most liked on Instagram and my most view blog posts for the month.  I will definitely be continuing these for the remainder of the year and then will be wrapping up the year with some yearly favourites posts like I did at the end of 2016.  Are there any other favourites posts you would like to see?  I have seen a few YouTubers doing favourites for colours, seasons and brands which I quite like watching sometimes.

New Brands
I set out to try out some new brands this year and I have managed to try a few.  I have tried out Opallac Gel Polish (my first ever gel polishes), L'oreal nail polishes, Kiara Sky Nails and HeHe stamping plates.  There are definitely some other brands out there that I want to try but sadly my wallet doesn't agree.

Social Media
Last year I was really bad at keeping up with all forms of social media.  Instagram was fine because I was already on a roll with posting daily.  This year I have definitely stepped up my game on both Facebook and Pinterest.   I not only post on my Facebook page but also in various groups now.  I have also been pinning all of my blog pots to Pinterest and pinning other people's work.  There is so much inspiration out there!

Who managed to read this whole post?  Well done and thank you if you did.  I know it is a lot of rambling by me.  But I feel good having looked back at my original post and looked at where I am at now.  Yes I still have a few boxes that I need to tick off by the end of the year but I will get them done....I hope.  Definitely let me know if there is anything you want to see on my blog too.  I always love feedback and suggestions.  Right, back to swatching I go.....


  1. Seems to me like you're doing pretty well! I'm doing terrible with my own intentions for this year, but that's why I call them intentions - if I don't get around to it, then I don't have to give myself a guilt trip. ;o)

    I can't wait to see your China Glaze x MLP swatches + the piCture pOlish new collabs + neons post! I've already seen a couple of bloggers swatching the CG stuff, it's a fun collection methinks. In terms of other stuff, I'd like to see a destash post + I reckon favourites posts on brands, colours & seasons would be good too.

    1. Thanks Shell! I think calling them intentions is a good idea. No guilt trips are ever needed :)

      I am actually about to write my CG MLP post now so it will be up tomorrow! The piCture pOlish collabs I need some sun for but I am hoping to get to the by the end of this week. Fingers crossed.

      I'm a little unsure how I would do a destash post but I will put my thinking hat on and will work something out. Same with the favourites posts. I'll have to do some serious thinking of for those.

      Thank you so much for reading the whole post too xx

  2. Your production has been incredible. I can not keep up with various social medias. I love seeing mainstream brand posts since we have those here and comparasion posts too. PLease, only do what you have time for and actually want to do.

    1. I do love my mainstream brands although I have a feeling that they may become harder for me to get my hands on. Rumor has it that there are now going to be taxes on all incoming packages which is going to make the price I have to pay even higher. I may just need to be a little more selective with what I purchase. What mainstream brands do you like seeing most? I really should do more comparisons. With a destash coming it may just be the perfect time to do them. :)

  3. I think you are keeping up really well, just one question.....when do you get to sleep? I always look forward to your posts and can't wait for future ones. I am also excited about your destash sale!

    1. Lol Therese. I do sleep! Not as much as I would like (I am a terrible sleeper and always have been) but I don't tend to let nails/blogging cut too much into that. I sometimes will let things like cleaning my house slide a little more than I probably should but nails are so much more fun lol.

      I'm glad you look forward to my posts. Thank you for reading them. If there are any particular posts you would like to see just let me know :)

  4. Love this post, it's so nice to take a step back and reflect on what you've done so far. I love your blog and think you've done amazingly well to do what you've done in 2017. I can't believe you've pretty much blogged every day, wow!!

    I've also been thinking I need to do some more random posts. I love hauls and would love to see something like a shop with me post with some pictures of the stores and shelves of polish etc of the local shops to you (this is only because I am nosey about what it's like in Aus).
    I have every faith you'll get your swatching done, you always manage to get so many done each month, you're my inspiration!!
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you so much Vicky! My polish swatching pile is getting smaller. It currently only has 85 polishes in it! Lol. I am pretty sure I will get through them but the end of the year....I just may need to slow down on buying things. I don't normally have such a huge amount of purchases like I currently do. I blame indie con. It makes up the bulk of things.

      Random posts are definitely fun and gives a nice little break from painting your nails. A shop with me style of post would be cool, but I don't tend to buy polishes from a physical store here. I buy indies which are all online, and then mainstream things like China Glaze, Orly and Color Club I order from the US because we don't get those brands here and if we do it's not a great selection if you can find them.