Color Club Coated Collection - Stamping Test

Monday, 24 July 2017

The number one question that I have been asked recently (well aside from how I do my backgrounds for stamping lately - I will have that post up in a couple of days) is do the Color Club Coated polishes stamp?  I figure rather than me answering this question over and over I would do a blog post so that you can see for yourself and come back to this post if you need it for reference later.  I have cheated with this post though and have tested all the polishes on swatch sticks (simply because I didn't have the time to do swatches for all of these again) but you can still see how each looks over black and white bases.

Age Of Aquarius 

Bright Nights

Diggin' The Dancing Queen

Disco Dress

East Austin

French Tips

Jackie Oh!

Modern Pink

Psychedelic Scene

Take Me To Your Chateau

We Liming

Yellin' Yellow

As you can see some of these stamp pretty well over both black and white, and others struggle particularly over the black.  I did need to put polish over the entire image to get them to pick up properly.  Would I use these to stamp?  Sure, sometimes.  Would I recommend buying these to use just as stamping polishes?  Probably not, unless you wanted to wear them as a full mani as well.  If you are after just polishes to stamp with I would recommend investing in actual stamping polishes.  You will use less product and there are a low of colours available that stamp beautifully over both black and white.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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