Nail Crazies Unite: Ocean Life

Saturday, 15 July 2017

I have spent today fighting with my computer.  It's seriously hating me today but I have my fingers crossed that it will cooperate long enough for me to do this post.  Today is another mani for Nail Crazies Unite Ocean Life theme.  Sadly, my mani is an epic fail.  I had nothing but issues with these decals.  First they wouldn't stick to my nails at all, then when I got them to kinda stick they were creased terribly, and finally when I put top coat over the decals they dissolved particularly on my index finger.  It's such a shame because these are such gorgeous decals.  Anyway, I thought I would share rather than skipping today's theme so let's just pretend that the poor fish was attacked by a shark.

Decals are Milv N369.

Here is hoping I have more success with the next Nail Crazies Unite theme.


  1. Sort of abstract. I like it!!

    1. Abstract seems like I better option than a shark attack. Let's say that I was going for an abstract ocean scene lol. The decals are really nice....before they went on my nails. I do like