Favourite Mainstream Polishes 2019

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Today's post was quite an easy one for me to be honest.  As I mentioned yesterday in my Favourite Collections 2019 post I didn't really get many mainstream polishes this year, which means my favourites were quite limited.  I originally started off with twenty four polishes (which excludes the polishes from the Color Club Whatever Forever Collection and the OPI x Converse Neons Collection because those collections as a whole are a favourite) and narrowed it down to twenty polishes.  Like with all favourites posts of mine, these aren't in any particular order.  Let's take a look.  

China Glaze normally dominate my favourites throughout the year but this year I definitely haven't grabbed as many collections.  I did however come across some new favourites - all from the Seasame Street You Do Hue Collection released back in May.

Free To Be Sesame is such a gorgeous colour and so sparkly!  

Grover It is another gorgeous sparkly colours with a good formula.

Monster Piece is probably my most favourite of the three China Glaze polishes in this list.  Mainly because it's pink and I am more of a pink fan than blue or green (but they are both gorgeous polishes).

I'm still not really sure if Dance Legend should be considered a mainstream polish or an indie polish but because I had way more indie polishes to narrow down I thought it would be best to consider them a mainstream polish.

If was released as part of the OWL In Love Collection (you can find the post of this collection here).  It's such a gorgeous base colour and that sheen is stunning.

LE38 was released as part of the Step Holo Collection (you can find the post here).  While I loved both of the polishes that I was sent, this one is definitely my favourite.

When is another polish from the OWL In Love Collection.  It's such a beautiful shade both in and out of the sun.

I want to say that I only tried one collection from Essie this year (although they do have a matte collection that I really like the looks of) and I loved it.  I could have put it in my favourite collections but there was one polish that I didn't like so I figured it was best to show of the polishes individually.  All of these polishes are from the Summer 2019 Collection which you can find here.  To save repeating myself I love all of these colours and they have great formulas.

In Full Swing

Soles On Fire 

Strike A Rose 

Take The Lead

Tangoed In Love

Ah the brand that started my entire nail polish collection.  I will always have a love for OPI and I am sure they always end up in my favourites.  This year (aside from the Neons) I fell in love with the Tokyo Collection.  Again, this is a collection that I could have put in my favourite collections post but I had to narrow it down some how.  You can find my post on the Tokyo Collection here.
All Your Dreams In A Vending Machine 

Another Ramen-tic Evening 

Arigato From Tokyo

Chopstix And Stones

How Does Your Zen Garden Grow

Hurry-Juku Get This Color!

I'm On A Sushi Roll.  It was a toss up between this polish and Suzi-san Climbs Fuji-san for my favourites because these polishes are really similar. Ultimately I went with I'm On A Sushi Roll because I like the name better.

Kanpai OPI!

Samurai Breaks A Nail

That brings us to the end of today's post.  This was definitely a lot easier to narrow down than tomorrow's post - my favourite indie polishes from 2019.  Eek!

Let me know what some of your mainstream polishes favourites are.

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