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Monday, 14 May 2018

This month's Digit-al Dozen theme is quite a fun one (and definitely not as scary as some of the other themes we have done).  This month we are all recreating someone else's manis from the Digit-al Dozen girls.  These can be any mani that they have done and doesn't have to be a Digit-al Dozen mani that they have done.

For my very first mani this week I had to go with one of Cathy's (More Nail Polish).  Cathy is one of the very first nail blogs that I ever came across and is probably the only original blog I follow that is still going.  I have even had the pleasure of meeting Cathy and she is just as amazing as I thought she would be.

There are quite a few manis of Cathy's that I would love on my nails but I either don't have the right products (or anything similar) or they are something that I can't do (like watermarble!).  I did find these really cute stripes rainbow nails that I just had to recreate.

Image from More Nail Polish
I am lucky that I have the exact polishes that Cathy used for her mani so it made my job a little easier.  The polishes used are the entire Fruit Salad Collection from Grace-full Nail Polish.  My freehand sucks.   I actually found that the more stripes I did the worse I got.

The perfect way to cover up a not so great base - stamping!  Image is from It Girl IG102.

The stamped version of this mani I love.  Sorry for butchering your work Cathy.

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