Beauty Big Bang Stamping Polishes - Swatches & Review

Saturday, 5 May 2018

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Beauty Big Bang to see if I would like to try some of their products.  I have seen quite a few people use their products and everyone seemed to be saying good things so I figured why not.  I was sent two stamping polishes (which I will be sharing with you today) and a stamping plate (which I have used to swatch the stamping polishes but will be doing a separate post tomorrow).

Now before I get into my actual review of these stamping polishes I do want to mention a couple of things.  Firstly - the shipping.  The shipping time is quite long from the time they are sent to the time they are received.  All up it took about four to five weeks to arrive.  I believe that this is a standard delivery time.  Secondly (and this is a bit of a rant) the customer service.  During our discussions back and forth I was never once told the expectation on how long I had to swatch and review their products.  As a general rule I swatch everything within a week (or sometimes within a fortnight if I have a lot of swatching commitments).  Anyway, I emailed last Friday to say that I had received their package.  I received an email 48 hours later asking me if I had done my review and to provide the links.  48 hours!  I was shocked!  I never would have agreed to swatch and review their products if I knew that the turn around time was 24-48 hours.  So communication definitely isn't Beauty Big Bangs strong suit - so beware in case you need to contact their customer service.

For my swatches I used both a black and white creme polish and used stamping plate 9 from Beauty Big Bang (which I will have swatches and a review of tomorrow).

Pink Stamping Polish.  As you can see this one stamps beautifully over white, and is ok over the black.  I was hoping it would be more opaque over the black but it still stamps well.

Purple Stamping Polish.  This one definitely stamps better over then black than the pink one did and again stamps beautifully over the white.

Putting aside my annoyance with how I was treated (I was apologized to after my reply to the email asking me for the links to me review - but still to expect swatches and a review done in 48 hours without asking for that time frame is ridiculous) I do like the stamping polishes that I have tried.  They both stamp beautifully over white and do pretty well over black.

You can find the Pink Stamping Polish here and the Purple Stamping Polish here.  If you use the code TRAE10 you will receive a 10% discount.

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