26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Wedding

Friday, 25 May 2018

These fortnightly challenge manis seem to be popping up really quickly at the moment.  I guess this month is just one of those months that will fly by.  June will also fly by, as will the rest of this year I am sure.  Anyway, today's theme for the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge is Wedding.  I originally was thinking more along the lines of a subtle lace design but one of the girls I use to work with just got married over the weekend and her dress was absolutely gorgeous!!  I just had to do today's mani inspired by it.  The dress itself is sheer with a bold white design over it, and she wore a body suit underneath.  I'm not sure I have described that very well but trust me, it was absolutely stunning!

For my base I used OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons and stamped using Powder Perfect's White Stamping Polish.  Image is from B Loves Plate B06 Classy & Chic.

I'm a little unsure whether or not I will be completely the next theme for this challenge (the theme is dry or drag marble).  I'm not a fan of the theme but we shall see how I am feeling about when the time comes to do the mani.


  1. I've seen dresses like you described before. So lovely; as are your nails. :)

    1. I've never seen a dress like it before! It looked absolutely gorgeous! It was hard to resist doing nail art inspired by it <3