Nicole Diary Wonderworld (Part) Collection - Swatches & Review

Monday, 28 May 2018

I was contacted back in March by Nicole Diary to see if I would like to swatch and review some more of their products.  I have previously worked with Nicole Diary before and have a bit of mixed reaction to their brand.  The first time I worked with them (which was back in 2016) it was great.  Communication was good, shipping time was good and the product was good as well.  I was contacted by them again shortly after my initially review asking if I would like to review some more products.  I replied and then heard nothing back from them.  No products arrived and they ignored all my emails.  That was a couple of years ago now so fast forward back the March of this year and I agreed to given them another go.  I was sent four of the polishes from the Wonderworld Collection, sadly one of the polishes broke in transit.  The shipping also took eight weeks to get to me.  I have never had a package take so long to arrive before so that was quite disappointing (I was quoted three to five weeks).

Burning Sun is a multichrome that shifts from a bronze/copper to green and gold.  This is my least favourite of the three that I have tried.  It's just not my sort of colour and it doesn't shift as may colours as the others.  I used one coat over black.

Iridescent Cloud is a clear base with multichrome flakies.  I love this one.  There are so many colours, plus it's flakies!  I love flakies!  You could wear this on its own but you will need to sponge it on to get it opaque.  I used one coat over black.

Rainbow Shadow is a multichrome that shifts between so many colours.  There is more colours than is shown in my pictures.  So pretty and definitely a favourite of mine.  My swatch shows one coat over black.

I have always been a big fan of multichromes and flakies so this Wonderworld Collection is definitely right up my alley.  My personal favourites are definitely Rainbow Shadow and Iridescent Cloud.

The Wonderworld Collection is available now from Nicole Diary.  You can use the code OJNL10 for a 10% discount.

Have you shopped with Nicole Diary before?

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