The Digit-al Dozen Does Paper - Day One

Monday, 12 June 2017

I know that I have said that I am having a bit of a break from nails this month but I have a full week of things lined up for this week - it's Digit-al Dozen week and then I have some new polishes that are being released (just in time for Aussie Indie Con) and then another challenge mani.  This week the Digit-al Dozen are using paper as our inspiration.  I think this is going to be a fun week because there are sooooo many different options of things that you can do.  I think I am going mainly down the lines of scrapbook paper - there are so many options for scrapbook paper!  I am looking forward to it.

For today's mani I went for something really simple - a white base (because most paper is white) and black writing.  Here's a fun fact for you - I rarely write with a black pen.  I write in a blue pen for official forms, I take all my polish notes with a purple pen and I write in my blog planner with a pencil (so I can chop and change things easily).  You are welcome for the random information about me.  For my base I used Pretty Serious Cosmetics Presence and stamped using Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish.  Stamping design is from Uberchic Geek Love 01.

I can't wait to see what the other girls do for this week's theme.


  1. I love writing in color! Purple for sure! Recently tho that hand has cramped way to often when using thin pens so i've had to find a chunky one and I can only find it in black. So thats what I use when I'm writing for long periods! Love this take on paper, I do agree I think it will be a neat week of fun manis! So many places to go with this theme!

    1. Hand cramps from writing so much are the worst! Glad you have found a pen that helps you out a bit

  2. Ohh I need this plate so baaaad! This is awesome!