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Friday, 30 June 2017

Can you believe that we are already half way through this year already?  It's actually a little scary how quickly this year has gone by so far.  I have even seen people starting to count down until Christmas.  I am definitely not ready for that at all.  Anyway, let's talk about June.  June has been a quiet month for me on the blog front which was nice to have a little break. This month was also the first ever Aussie Indie Con which was AMAZING! I had so much fun meeting so many people, and shopping....so much shopping!  If you are interested in seeing what I picked up at Aussie Indie Con you can see my haul here.  Between the things that I purchased there, plus online shopping, it's fair to say that my swatch racks are overflowing!  I haven't had a chance to play with the majority of things yet so I'll leave them out of today's post (undoubtedly a lot of these will be seen in some future favourites posts or mine).  Today let's focus on the things that I have used and loved throughout the last month.

Nail Art
Nail art has definitely been at an all time love.  I really haven't done a lot of nail art this month.  That being said I still have quite a few favourites.  I didn't actually realize until I put these manis into a collage together, I have been using the same technique a lot this month.  It's super easy to do and I think it looks really pretty.  I can do a pictorial if you guys are interested.  Just let me know.

Stamping Plates
As I mentioned earlier, I haven't really done a lot of nail art this month which means I also haven't been playing with mani new plates (or older plates for that matter).
Uberchic Beauty Collection Eighteen
This collection is definitely one of my favourite collections that Uberchic has done.  There are so many fantastic designs across the collection and like all Uberchic plates, they stamp beautifully.  You can see what manis I did with these plates in my review post here.
Image from Uberchic Beauty
Stamping Polishes
It's been a while since I have had new stamping polishes to play with and I am always on the look out for new ones - especially creme stamping polishes.  I love creme stamping polishes!

Hit The Bottle
I was lucky enough to receive four stamping polishes from Hit The Bottle this month and I think they are awesome.  They stamp beautifully over both black and white and are really nice colours.  They were one of the tables that I visited at Aussie Indie Con and had to grab some more of their creme stamping polishes as well as the holographic ones.  I am excited to try those!  Polishes shown are Stop And Smell The Lilacs, Let's Go To The Peach, Drunk Tank Pink and Drop Red Gorgeous.

Indie Polishes
This month the focus has definitely been on all indie polishes.  With the lead up to Aussie Indie Con there was a lot of new things being released and exclusives!  So many gorgeous exclusives!
Emily de Molly 5th Anniversary Trio
Emily de Molly celebrated their 5th anniversary this month in the most beautiful way - with a trio of polishes.  I love each and every one of these polishes.  You can see more swatches of this trio here.  Polishes are Room For More, Dusk's Remaining Light and Overcast Quartz.

Emily de Molly Aussie Indie Con Exclusives
This is another trio of polishes that I am loving from Emily de Molly this month.  Seriously how stunning are these polishes?  I actually wore the creme for about three days this month.  You can see more pictures of this trio here.  Polishes are Glee Ridden, The Company I Keep and Lost Direction.

Emily de Molly June Releases
It's definitely been a busy month for Emily de Molly with zero complaints from me.  If you didn't already know, EdM is one of my favourite indie brands and has been so for years.  Literally!  They have some of the best formulas that I have tried and the colours are stunning!  I fell in love with these six polishes from the June release.  You can see all of the released (and lots of pictures) in my swatch and review post here.  Polishes from left to right are LE52, Voice Of My Love, The Eighth Letter, LE51, Traverse The Skies and Water Balance.

Grace-full Nail Polish Aussie Indie Con Exclusives
Did I mention that there were a lot of exclusive polishes that were released this month?  Grace-full Nail Polish did release quite a few and I was lucky enough to receive three of them (I then stupidly forgot to pick up the others on the day - but I did remember to grab an upcoming collection which I am so excited about!).  I particularly fell in love with two of the exclusives - Darling Of The Harbour (top) and I Wish I Was There (bottom).  You can see more pictures of this and the other exclusive I have in this post here.

Powder Perfect Gallery Of Dreams
Unfortunately Powder Perfect were unable to attend Aussie Indie Con this year, however they were still involved in their own special way.  They did free shipping on their site over the Aussie Indie Con weekend, put in a stunning polish into the VIP bag and of course made a very special exclusive polish called Gallery Of Dreams.  This polish is available on the Australia website and it will be on the international site soon.  You can see more swatches and my review here.

Mainstream Polishes
There really hasn't been too many new mainstream polishes that I have used this month that I love.  I definitely have a few things in my swatch racks (like the Color Club Pop Play Collection) that I have used in some nail art and have been loving but I haven't used them all or swatched them yet so I will have to leave those out for this month.
Your Favourites
Normally I would post what the top nine most like pictures of mine have been on Instagram, but honestly I don't post on there as much as I use to - and I definitely don't post everything I do so I have decided to skip that collage as it really doesn't represent what it should.
The blog posts you guys have been loving this month are:

Apparently I am not the only one who has been loving Emily de Molly's this month lol.  I am a little bit surprised to see that a haul post made it into the top three for the month though.  Do you guys like seeing haul posts or was it because it was related to Aussie Indie Con?  Let me know.  I am curious to know and would consider doing more haul posts in the future if that is something you are interested in.

Anyway, I think that wraps up everything for June.  July is going to be a busy month on the blog front for me.  I have soooooo many new things to play with (and more coming - have I mentioned that I have a shopping addiction? Lol). 

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