Aussie Indie Con 2017 - Haul

Thursday, 22 June 2017

I have a slightly different post for you guys today.  I had originally planned on having pictures etc of Aussie Indie Con, however I was too distracted to actually take any pictures on the day.  I have seen a quite a few hauls from some of the other people that attended and I thought it might be fun to share what I purchased on the day.  I'm not usually one to do hauls but figured it was a special event so if I was ever going to do one now would be a good time.  

It took me ages to decide whether or not I should go to Aussie Indie Con as a VIP or not.  Eventually I decided to go as VIP so that I could get the goodie bag with the exclusives.  I think there are some great polishes in here, however I was a little disappointed that not all of the brands had put a polish in there eg, Sayuri had a voucher that you needed to use on the day once you spent $30 at their table.  Don't get me wrong here, I think putting a voucher in the VIP is fine, but I think for the price of the VIP paid you shouldn't then have to spend more money to receive anything.

There was also some other things in the bag like a shot glass, pen, wax melts etc, but I am just focusing on the polishes (because that is the only thing I was after at Aussie Indie Con).

Polishes from left to right (top row) are Hit The Bottle On The Loose With Chartreuse LE, Powder Perfect Wonderful Tonight, Joss Better Than Bare, Joss Magic Black Holo and Femme Fatale Cosmetics Darling Eve.  On the bottom row we have Miss Priss VIP Treatment, Grace-full Nail Polish Eldritch, Celestial Cosmetics The Coat Hanger and Emily de Molly A Minute To Spare.

Pretty Serious Cosmetics
In the VIP bag was a card to go and choose your two free polishes from Pretty Serious Cosmetics.  I definitely had a tough time deciding which two to grab.  I ended up grabbing Petrichor and Precipitation from the Rainy Days Collection.  Now these don't photograph accurately at all.  Well they definitely didn't today.  Fingers crossed I have more luck when I swatch these.

Ok so moving onto the things that I actually purchased.  These aren't necessarily the order I purchased them in but then that would involve me really thinking about the order I did things.  I know I did make a couple of trips to the Grace-full Nail Polish and Hit The Bottle tables.

Celestial Cosmetics 
I went into the Celestial Cosmetics table thinking I was going to buy the Aussie Indie Con exclusives (which are the two on the left) and possibly one other.  As you can see I ended up with a couple of extras.

From left to right: The Hungry Mile, Cockle Bay, Twisted Selection, There's A Party In My Polish & You're Invited and Sample 20 (which was a lucky dip polish).

Emily de Molly
Prior to going into Aussie Indie Con I had a bunch of EdM's on my list.  I was very lucky to actually be sent a lot of what I was thinking of buying to swatch so it meant I didn't really have much left to buy on the day.  Most of what Hayley had I already own.  Lol.

From left to right: Ava, A Pink Acquisition, State Of Mind and Clean Up Crew.  I would have grabbed more Clean Up Crew but I thought I should share with others.

Grace-full Nail Polish
The Grace-full table was definitely my most expensive table of the day (zero complaints from me on that one).  I love everything I grabbed!

I have absolutely no clue how I missed these two polishes when they were first released but I am so happy they are finally mine.  Polishes are Pink Lux and Lilac Light.

The Fruit Salad Collection was definitely at the top of my list of things that I had to get.  The colours look amazing and they watermarble!  Now I know you what you are thinking "Tracy, you don't watermarble".  Well you are correct, however I have watched Cathy (more nail polish) watermarble and I am wanting to try some point.

Polishes are: Raspberry, Mango, Lemon, Apple, Blueberry, Grape and Strawberry.

Now this collection that is coming to soon to Grace-full and is inspired by the Gilmore Girls.  I am unsure of the name of the collection or it's exact release date, all I can tell you is that I am excited!!  Polishes are: Get A Hooker, Yes Purple!, I'm The Man, Ace, Dodge Lancer, Vale Richard, The Subsect and Oober.

Hit The Bottle
As you all know, I am on the hunt for more creme stamping polishes so naturally I had to stop buy the Hit The Bottle table.  Most of the colours that I saw I already own but I did come across these two: A Flock Of Seagulls and Call A Plumber.

I also couldn't go past getting the holo stamping polish collection.  It may be a bit of time before I can actually swatch these because we lack sunshine.  Polishes are Under The Strobe-berry Lights, Musk Have The Holo, Amethyst Sizzle, Prismatic Purple, Holo There Beautiful!, A Glint Of Gold, Lucky Spark, Turquatic and Hololulu Blue.

I also picked up a clear top coat from Hit The Bottle which Cathy said worked well for negative space watermarbling.  I somehow forgot to take a picture of it.  I am going to blame the fact that my polish are is a HUGE mess at the moment.  I have sooooo many things to play with at the moment so stay tuned for those!

I had an absolute blast at Aussie Indie Con.  Aside from the shopping, it was so amazing putting faces to people that I have spoken with over the years, meeting the makers behind the brands that I shop from, meeting a bunch of new people as well and watching Cathy watermarble (that was definitely a highlight for me - I have been following Cathy for years so to see her work her magic was amazing).  I know that I missed quite a few people (some I was even sitting near without realizing it) so I am so sorry if you were one of those people.  I am hoping that there will be another Aussie Indie Con next year and I will get a chance to meet more people.

Let me know which of these polishes you would like to see me swatch and review first!  I have no clue where to even begin.


  1. It sounds epic! So glad you had fun!!

    1. It really was a fantastic day. Have you been to an Indie Con near you? Or IMATS? I would love to go to one of those in the US. They always look so good

  2. Love haul posts Tracy and this one is stunning. I'm very excited by those Fruit Salad polishes & the stamping colours.
    I'm so pleased you had a fab time, I would be bankrupt if there was a polish con in the uk.
    Vicky x

    1. I really enjoyed doing this post. I love seeing other people's hauls but I usually avoid doing them because I don't want it too look like I am showing off or bragging. I know I am very fortunate to be able to buy what I do and receive packages from brands.

      The Fruit Salad collection is so amazing. I haven't had the chance to play with them yet (my to swatch pile is HUGE at the moment) but I have put them on swatch sticks <3

  3. Great pics of all your polish buys 😘. I'm in the UK and are so envious when I see all your lovely hauls from the Polish Cons. I wish London or Manchester had one, fingers crossed 🤞😸

    1. Thank you. There seems to be a lot of UK people so maybe one day you guys will have a polish con. This was the first year that Australia has ever had one and it was because a girl (who isn't a maker - just a customer) put the wheels in motion. Maybe you could put some feelers out and see if there is some interest??

    2. That's interesting Tracy, maybe I will 😉

    3. It's definitely worth a shot. I am sure that there will be some interest in it :)