April 2020 Favourites

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Here we are at the last day of April.  What an interesting month it is has been.  I have officially lost track of days and times - I have to constantly check my calendar to know what it is I am doing.  I am sure I am not the only one that is looking forward to some normalcy but for now I am happy that most people are staying home (if and when they can) to help flatten the curve.  Anyway, before officially moving into May I want to wrap up April (like I do ever other month) with all of the things that I have been loving.

Nail Art
April has been a good month of nail art for me.  Well at least I think it has.  I did go a bit back and forth about the flame mani because I didn't like how the stickers don't lay flat on my nails but I really do like the look of the mani which is why I have included it.

Stamping Plates
This month I have been playing with quite a few new stamping plates which has been fun.  I also have some more plates to play with in May which I am also excited about.
Uberchic Beauty Business Chic 01 and Simply Organic Stamping Plates
This month Uberchic released two new plates and I am in love with them both.  They are both full of really cool full nail images that there are sooooo many options of ways to use it that it's kinda hard to decide where to begin.

Image from Uberchic Beauty

Image from Uberchic Beauty
What's Up Nails Geo-Radical Stamping Plate
This plate is so cool!  I have never used so many images in one mani before but this plate makes it so easy to do and the result is awesome!  I think this plate also has a really good mix of geometric images.
Image from What's Up Nails
Stamping Polishes
It has been a hot minute since I have played with some new stamping polishes.  I was lucky to be sent a lot of the stamping polishes from What's Up Nails and I am so impressed.  They all stamp beautifully and work over both white and black (although some that are a dark colour don't look the greatest over black).  They also have a great range of both colours and finishes.

Indie Polishes
Every month without fail I have Emily de Molly and Grace-full Nail Polish in my indie polish favourites.  Until this month....oh who am I kidding here?  Of course we have Emily de Molly and Grace-full Nail Polish in my favourites for this month.

Emily de Molly April Releases
Really I should be including the full release because I don't love Enjoy The Fall but I do think that this might look really cool with some nail art over it.  Stay tuned for that at some point.  I do LOVE the rest of this month's releases though.  So awesome!

Grace-full Nail Polish Beauty Of The Sea (Polish Pick Up April 2020)
Ok so this polish is seriously amazing and I am totally in love.  It's definitely a very "me" polish.

Grace-full Nail Polish Drag Queen Collection
This month Grace-full teamed up with MckFresh Nail Attire to create the Drag Queen Collection.  I haven't tried the MckFresh polishes so I won't comment on those but there were definitely a couple of favourites from Grace-full - It's Not Personal It's Drag and I Need An Adult.

It's only a small favourites post this month.  Hopefully that will help me come December when I try and narrow down my favourites for the year.

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