Hit The Bottle Swatch Spam (New Polishes) - Swatches & Review

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Hit The Bottle have recently released a bunch of new stamping polishes.  Of course, I just had to get my hands on some.  I also picked up the missing neon from my collection as well as an older grey stamping polish.  I really need to sit down and work out which of their stamping polishes I am missing and complete my collection, but that is a job for another day and time.  Today I have the five newest stamping polishes to my ever growing collection.

Calypso Gold is a soft brownish gold stamping polish.  As you can see this one stamps well over black and white.  I think this one looks better in person than it does in my pictures (especially over white).  My lights make the polish disappear.

Grape Minds Think Alike is a deep, dusky purple stamping polish.  Big fan of this one!

Lavender Squall is a pale greyish purple stamping polish.  This one does have a slight shimmer in the bottle but I can't see it once it's on the nail.  Again, a huge fan of the colour of this one.

Looking For Mr Grey is a mid toned grey stamping polish.  I am so happy to have this one in my collection.  I have been after grey stamping polishes for a little while now and Hit The Bottle have come through with the goods for me.

Seas The Day is a bright aqua "neon-esque" stamping polish.  The missing neon from my collection!   This is such a pretty colour.  It is darker than it appears on camera, but still a good colour.

Like with all Hit The Bottle stamping polishes these stamp beautifully over black and white.  Seriously, Michelle makes some of the best stamping polishes.  If you haven't tried them then you definitely should.  I don't think I could recommend them enough.

All of these polishes (along with lots of others) are available from Hit The Bottle.

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