Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Peacock - Swatches & Review

Monday, 27 November 2017

Earlier this week I received some surprise nail mail from Sally Hansen with one of the new Salon Chrome kits.  I have seen these on Instagram from some of the international girls but had no clue that they were coming to Australia as well.  In total, there are five limited edition kits in Rose Gold, Holographic, Gunmetal, Mermaid and Peacock.  Each kit contains Blacky O or Frill Seeker from the Miracle Gel range (which powder you get decides which polish you will receive), a chrome powder, an applicator, a Special Effect Top Coat and the Miracle Gel Top Coat.  There are also clear instructions on the box.  Today I have Peacock to share with you.

Peacock is a purple-blue metallic.  I do really like the colour of this one.  It definitely looks more shifty in person than it does in my pictures.  It does make a huge amount of mess though (or maybe that was my fault?).  Seriously, the powder went everywhere!  You can even see it one the polish bottle as well.

Overall, I do think these powders are pretty cool.  I definitely would be interested in trying some of the others in the range.  I also think that a latex barrier would come in handy to clean up some of the mess made.  What do you think of all the powders that are on trend at the moment?

The Sally Hansen Salon Chrome kits are available December 1st from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and selected pharmacies.


  1. I also swatched two of these. They weren't bad, but still indie powders are so much better. I found rubbing the powder in with my finger really helped the look.

    1. I haven't really tried too many powders, mainly because they all seem to require gel polish - and I am not a gel fan. Plus they make too much mess for me. I do love the effect of them though