The Digit-al Does Does Futuristric: Day Five

Friday, 17 November 2017

Today is the final day for the Digit-al Dozen Does Futuristic.  I am so excited that I made it through this week.  There is probably some questionable manis but something is better than nothing.  Today's mani is definitely a stretch from the Futuristic theme but bare with me on this one.  I was thinking about the future and what technology could be like, and then I began thinking about social media.  Imagine what social media will be like in a years time let along twenty years time!  Instagram, for example, has changed so much in the past year (well couple of years) and sadly not for the better.  I am hoping that there will be some new type of social media like Instagram to share manis etc.  Or really, just bring back the old Instagram, where there was a lot more interaction, meeting new people and actually seeing posts of the people you follow.  Anyway, I could go into a whole thing about Instagram but I don't think I need to.  

For my base I used Orly Scenic Route, Vintage, Push The Limit, Beach Cruiser and Road Trippin'.  Stamping design is from Uberchic Geek Love 01 stamping plate.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this week's Futuristic theme.  I have loved seeing the awesome manis the other Digit-al Dozen members have done.  There is some serious talent among these girls!

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