September 2018 Favourites

Sunday, 30 September 2018

I actually considered doing these monthly favourites after I have completed the 31DC2018 prompts but it just doesn't seem right to post a September favourites in October.  Since I have started doing monthly favourites posts I have always posted on the last day of the month, and this month really shouldn't be any different.  Like usual, I will only be including the things that I have shared on my blog throughout September.

Nail Art
This month definitely has seen a lot of nail art.  There has definitely been a lot of fails, some inbetweens and ones that I love.  I originally had twelve manis for my favourites but I narrowed it down to three.  I'm pretty impressed that I count it back so much.

Stamping Plates
I have had a few new stamping plates to play with this month and while a lot of them I really like I don't think any quite fit into my list of favourites.  When December rolls around and I sit down to work out my favourites from the whole year I will be thanking me for not adding more plates into the mix.

Mainstream Polishes

OPI Peru Collection
There are a few polishes in this collection that I like, however only two of them are my favourites - Don't Toot My Flute and Grandma Kissed A Gaucho.

Indie Polishes 
There has definitely been a fair few indie polishes coming out this month.  Of course, a lot of the Grace-full Nail Polish and Emily de Molly polishes have made it into my favourites this month.  I'm seriously already dreading trying to narrow down all of my favourites at the end of the year.  Maybe I should start trying to narrow it down now so there is some hope of me actually getting the favourites post down before 2019. 

Emily de Molly September 2018 Releases
HUGE fan of this month's release from Emily de Molly.  One coater cremes and some gorgeous toppers, what's not to love? 

Emily de Molly Walk By Me (Rainbow Connection Exclusive)
You all know that I am such a sucker for purple polishes and flakes!  Add them together and you know they are going to be popping up in my favourites.

Grace-full Nail Polish Enchanted Fables Collection
I love the new Enchanted Fables Collection (and so does my daughter - I've had to put them away so that she doesn't steal them lol).  Three of my absolute favourites from this collection are Hair-o-ine, Siren Tale and Pick Your Poison.

Grace-full Nail Polish Let's Play (Polish Pick Up September 2018)
This polish is stunning!  Love, love, love it!

Grace-full Nail Polish Love Is Lethal (Hella Handmade Creations September 2018)
It's a gorgeous pink and the formula is amazing so there is no way that this baby wasn't going to make it into my favourites this month.

Given how much stuff I have done this month I am actually a little surprised that this favourite's post isn't bigger.  Right, I need to get going so I can do my final mani for 31DC2018!  I'm so excited to complete this challenge.  Hopefully my mani will turn out good!  Guess we will find out tomorrow.

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