31DC2018 Gradient Nails and Digit-al Dozen Does First Blog Posts

Monday, 10 September 2018

It has been quite some time since I have participated in the Digital Dozen (time hasn't been on my side and swatching commitments have taken priority) but I am back!  This week's theme everyone is going back to their very first blog posts.  I posted my very first blog post on 11th February 2011.  When I first started my blog I had intended for it to be swatches and reviews only, and nail art would just be posted on Instagram.  With that being said my first blog posts are all swatches and some of the polishes I swatched I don't have any more and some I never owned in the first place (I borrowed from a friend).  So I thought why not dig a little deeper and go back to my first nail art posts on Instagram.  My very first Instagram post was posted on 26th March 2013!  It definitely took a lot of scrolling to get back to where the madness all began.  Now I am going to cheat this week and combine the first blog post theme with each of the 31DC2018 prompts.  So today I bring to you my first ever gradient!

For some unknown reason I never use to write what products I used.  I did make a comment about OPI What's With The Cattitude? in the original post so I am guessing that's what I used.  I am also not 100% sure what the second polish is so I have taken a guess that it is OPI Ogre The Top so those are the two polishes I have used for today's mani.  I really don't think that these polishes make the best gradient....or maybe it's because the polishes are really old now.  What's With The Cattitude? is pretty much empty these days.

Here is a look at the original mani.  This was posted on Instagram on 24th April 2013.  My gradients (and pose) have definitely improved over the years, although I am not sure if today's mani really shows that.

I am really excited to see what manis the other Digital Dozen girls do this week.  It's definitely going to be a fun week!

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  1. How fun to go back to the beginning. Not sure I am brave enough to go look at where I started though :P. I love the blues and the gradient looks just fine to me. I love gradients so much and I wish I had stuck to just a simple gradient. You've also inspired me to do a blue gradient. I don't think I ever have.

    1. You've never done a blue gradient? *insert shocked face here* Blue gradients are really pretty. Well really all gradients are pretty.