31DC2018 Metallic Nails and Uberchic Beauty Bling Pickup And Placement Tool Review

Saturday, 8 September 2018

I think it is safe to say that I have survived the first week of the 31 day challenge.  It has been a bit of a bumpy ride so far but I have gotten there!  Woohoo!  Anyway, today I have a bit of a two in one post for you.  This week I received some new things to play with from Uberchic Beauty.  I will be sharing everything over the coming weeks.  One of the things that Uberchic has introduced to their range is a Bling Pickup And Placement Tool, which I will be sharing with you today.  But first, nail art!  

Today's theme for 31DC2018 is metallic nails.  I went for a really simple mani which I actually really like.  I used Essie Penny Talk (mainly because it has been forever since I have used this polish and I think it's really pretty).  Studs are from Born Pretty Store.

Obviously for this mani I used the new Uberchic Bling Pickup And Placement Tool so that I could share with you my thoughts. Not only is this really pretty to look out, it comes in a case (see the second picture below) to help protect it but it works really well!  I have tried using wax pencils previously and have had hit and miss with them (and I lose them - I have no clue where they are.  I have a feeling my daughter my have taken them).  I had no issues picking up and of the studs, however I did find placing them on my nails a little challenging.  The placement side of this tool did come in handy to help position the studs, but I think my polish dried too quick for it to work properly.

Overall, I really like the Bling Pickup And Placement Tool.  I'll definitely be using it every time I break out the studs or glitter pieces.

The Bling Pickup And Placement Tool is available now from Uberchic Beauty.


  1. I am besotted with penny talk. It has been on my lust list since the very first time I saw it and I still haven't been able to find it. This looks SO gorgeous and very metallic. I love the studs paired with it too.
    That tool looks pretty cool! I must add it to my next shopping trip.

    1. Oh no! That is the worst when you can't find a polish that you want. I wished that I brought back ups of the full collection. The silver and gold of mine are nearly empty.

  2. Looks great with simple black studs.
    Is it sad that I knew this was Penny Talk from the swatch haha! This is one of those polishes where I have backups of the backups, one of my favourite Essies.

    1. Thank you. I don't think that it's sad that you know that. I think it's probably one of the most recognizable Essie polishes. I wish that I had a back up