Hit The Bottle Pour Some Neon On Me! Stamping Polish (Part) Collection - Swatches & Review

Sunday, 17 September 2017

One thing that you probably already know about me is that I love neon polishes!  I'm pretty sure some form of neon mani pops up in my monthly favourites every month and a lot of the time they dominate my nail art favourites.  When I saw that Hit The Bottle were making neon stamping polishes I nearly died.  I mean, neon stamping polishes?  YES PLEASE!!!!  I was actually contacted by Michelle and asked if I would be happy to test out the some of the neon polishes - and of course you know what I said.  There are a total of seven stamping polishes in this collection and I have five of them to share with you today (I do plan on picking up the other two in the near future so I will swatch and review those at some point).

Like with all Hit The Bottle polishes these polishes stamp beautifully, and the colours are amazing!  I tested them over various base colours (but have used black and white bases for this review), tested them on various brands of plates with different designs with both thin and thick lines and tested with a couple of different stampers.  I haven't experienced any issue with these at all.  As they are neons they may dry a little quicker than other stamping polishes but I honestly tried stamping slow and didn't have any issues. 

Blutonium is a bright blue creme stamping polish.

Ectoplasm Green is a neon green creme stamping polish.

High Voltage Violet is a bright purple creme stamping polish.

I Pink, Therefore I Am is a neon pink creme stamping polish.

Orange You Excited is a neon orange creme stamping polish.

I love these stamping polishes!  I honestly can't say anything bad about them.  As I mentioned earlier there are another two stamping polishes in this collection (an aqua and a yellow) which I will be adding to my collection in the near future.

The Pour Some Neon On Me! is available now from Hit The Bottle.


  1. I need some neon stamping polishes. Hopefully Beautometry will stock them and then I can pick them up. They look fantastic.

    1. I have fantastic news for you. Beautometry is definitely going to be stocking them. Michelle from Hit The Bottle said that they are currently on their way to the US now so it shouldn't be too long now :)

  2. Did you use a topcoat? I. Had issues with my neon pink dulling dramatically with topcoat. ��

    1. I use Seche Vite for all of my swatches. Did you happen to post this comment in a Facebook group? Someone posted saying they had issues with the neon pink and I think a bunch of the girls worked out what the issue was (I believe it was a something to do with the base colour)