September 2017 Favourites

Saturday, 30 September 2017

My last blog post for September!  Woohoo!  This is my 49th blog post for this month.  How crazy is that?  I did a quick count and I have done at least 100 manis this month.  I think I am proud of that effort...and maybe just a little scared.  Anyway, even though there is still one more day left for the 31DC2017 challenge I still wanted to do my monthly favourites today just to keep the consistency on my blog.  I like having my monthly favourites on the last day of the month.  Given how crazy this month has been, this post may be quite long so I will apologize in advance.

Nail Art
This month has been all about the 31DC2017 challenge, but I have also been doing a couple of nail art challenges as well as some stamping plate reviews so it makes sense that there is a lot of nail art favourites.  I am happy that I did manage to cut it back to just nine manis.  

Stamping Plates
This month I haven't really been playing too much with new stamping plates, except for the new Uberchic ones.  I have loved using both the Halloween 03 Stamping Plate and Collection 20 plates.

Uberchic Collection Twenty
In particular I love plates 20-01 and 20-03.  They are full of images that I will continue to grab for.  You can see how I used these plates (as well as getting a good look at the individual plates) here.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
Uberchic Halloween 03 Stamping Plate
I am a big fan of this years Halloween plate from Uberchic.  Uberchic make some of the best Halloween plates.  You can see the original post here.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
Stamping Polishes

Hit The Bottle Pour Some Neon On Me (Part) Collection
I'm sure it is no surprise that these polishes have made their way into my favourites post.  I love neon polishes and these stamping polishes are fantastic.  I am missing two of the polishes....for now.  I will definitely be adding them to my collection very soon.  You can find my original swatch and review post here. 

Indie Polishes
Swatching has taken a little bit of a backseat this month.  Partly from a lack of time, but also because a lot of the things I have to swatch require sunshine which sadly Melbourne is lacking at the moment.  Never fear though, I am sure I will have sunshine soon enough and will be jumping back on board the swatching train.

Emily de Molly September Releases
This month EdM released seven new polishes.  There are some awesome polishes in this release only five have made their way to the favourites list - Door Prop, Urban Dictionary, Magical Refuge, Paper Universe and Sitting Still.  You can see more swatches of these polishes here.   

Mainstream Polishes
The bulk of the swatching I have done this month have come from mainstream brands.  I am considering Bow and Dance Legend as mainstream polishes because I am not quite sure they fit into the indie category.

Bow Nail Polish
I swatched two polishes from Bow Nail Polish this month and I love them both.  The colours are great and so are the formulas.  You can see more swatches and my review here.   Top picture is Feeling Good and the bottom polish is Playing With Fire over a black base.

China Glaze Happily Never After Collection
I am a huge fan of this years Halloween Collection from China Glaze.  Last years collection was disappointing but they have stepped up their game.  I have picked four of the six polishes as my favourites for this month - Crown For Whatever, Sin-derella, Queen Please! and Life's Grimm.  You can find the original swatch and review post here.

Dance Legend - Thinking Out Cloud & Lumos Blue
I received quite a large package from Dance Legend this month and I am slowly swatching my way through them.  Prepare yourselves because October you will be seeing even more Dance Legends on my blog.  Anyway, two of them really caught my attention this month - Thinking Out Cloud and Lumos Blue (even though it's not actually a polish).

OPI Iceland Collection
I am a big fan of the OPI Iceland Collection.  I think the colours are perfect for the cooler weather and the formulas are great across the collection.  There are four shades in particular that stole my heart - Turn On The Northern Lights, One Heckla Of A Color!, Check Out The Old Geysirs and Less Is Norse.  You can see the full collection and my thoughts on the individual polishes here. 

That wraps up my favourites for this month.  Honestly, I am quite surprised that this post isn't longer given how busy this month has been.  Now bring on October!  *spoiler alert - there are a lot of new pretties coming in October. 


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