Swatch Spam Sunday: Essie Edition

Sunday, 8 May 2016

I am trying to make more of an effort to try some of my untrieds (and to revisit some of my older polishes) so I figured what better way than to introduce Swatch Spam Sundays on my blog.  These posts won't happen every week or even at any set interval just whenever I have enough swatches of a brand that I can do a post.  I am aiming to do about six polishes per post.  I think it's a nice number.  All swatch spam posts I will keep the babbling to a minimum.  There are definitely plenty of reviews of these polishes around now.  Now onto the Essie polishes I have worn recently.

Absolutely Shore. Three coats.

Bikini So Teeny. Three coats.

Bobbing For Baubles. Two coats.

Boom Boom Room.  Two coats.

Sexy Divide.  Two coats.  Fun fact: this was the first ever Essie polish that I purchased.  Well that and Matte About You.

Picture taken in light box with flash
Van D'Go.  Three coats.

What are some of your favorite Essie polishes?


  1. Love this kind of post, lots of pictures of pretty polishes. I love Bikini So Teeny but my fave Essie is Shine of The Times.
    I need to do some catch up swatching so you've inspired me to get some old ones out.
    Vicky x

    1. I love Bikini So Teeny too. Essie really do make some great polishes. I don't actually have Shine Of The Times but it does look amazing in pictures. You can never go wrong with flakies IMO. Definitely grab out some oldies (or even untrieds if you are like me). There are so many goodies that need to be loved again! Can't wait to see what you grab out :)

    2. Well, you know how I feel about Essie ;0) but I love this idea of Swatch Spam Sunday!!

    3. Lol Christy. I am telling you there are some good Essie's out there. I am liking the idea of Swatch Spam Sunday's. They won't be every week. It all depends on what else I have going on. ;)