Color Club Pop Wash Collection - Swatches & Review

Friday, 27 May 2016

A little back story before I actually get into today's post.  Normally when I receive new polishes I sit them in polish racks that live on top of my polish drawers.  Once they are swatched they the move into the drawers.  It's a good system and works quite well.  There are the rare times where the polish racks become too full and then polishes sit on top of the drawers but that becomes too chaotic for me.  I can be a little OCD about these things.  Anyway, my polish racks became to full so I moved the Color Club Pop Wash's into my drawers thinking I will pull them out later.  Somewhere along the lines I took the Pop Wash's out of my blog planner (I move my blog planner around a lot but I rarely take stuff out so no idea what happened there) and forgot about this collection altogether.  Luckily I randomly rediscovered them and finally have them to share with you today.

Color Club's Pop Wash Collection consists of seven bright coloured sheer tints which are designed to give a "wash" of colour over the nail (these can be either worn alone or over a base colour).  Personally I would never use these alone (naked nails and visible nail lines are just not my thing) however, these polishes in nail art are amazing.  They are so easy to use, they blend well and have a good colour payoff.  All of my swatches show two coats over white.

Darling Clementine is a bright orange sheer tint.  This polish is more orange than it looks in my picture.  My camera freaked out completely with this one.

Flushed is a bright coral pink sheer tint.

Hello Sunshine is a neon yellow sheer tint.

Just Dew It is a neon green sheer tint.

Out Of The Blue is a bright blue sheer tint.

Tube Top is a bright pink sheer tint.

Uncorked is a bright purple sheer tint.

I'm in love with this collection.  I think that these would have to be my favorite sheer tints that I own.  They have a great consistency and are so easy to work with.  I am working on a nail art post using these so you can get an idea of how they look.


  1. I love these. They will be great for leadlighting!!

    1. They are awesome for lead lighting. They don't go as thick as quick as some of the other brands I have tried in the past and the colours are amazing!

  2. They will be great for nail art

    1. They are. So many things you can do with them <3

  3. Tracy I love these, the colour selection is gorgeous & I'd love to see what beautiful nail art you create with them.
    Vicky xx

    1. How stunning are the colours? As a brights girl I am madly in love! <3