31DC2016Weekly Nail Art Challenge - Colours

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Some of you may be familiar with the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge that runs each September.  I have participated in this challenge for two years in a row now and I plan on joining in again in September this year.  Someone (I believe it was @mcpolish on Instagram but I could be wrong) thought it was a great idea to use the same prompts and do the challenge over 31 weeks.  One mani a week is definitely more achievable for more people than a mani a day.  Anyway, I decided to join in and thought it would a fun blog post to recap the manis I have done so far.  Plus it will be easier for my too look back on than scrolling through hundreds of nail pictures on Instagram.  Right so onto the manis.







Black & White


I am excited to start the next group of manis.  Mind you I think the themes get harder and harder so this should be interesting.

Have you been doing this weekly challenge?


  1. I love your mani's for this challenge Tracy, that Green one is amazing. I've never joined in on this one myself as it seemed too much but I will maybe try again this September. Keep going and please keep doing these roundup posts 😍
    Vicky x

    1. Thanks Vicky. You should definitely try a challenge. They are so much fun. I definitely recommend pacing yourself with the September one especially if you have lots going on. It can definitely be very full on doing nail art everyday. I am actually nervous for it this year as I haven't been doing as much nail art.

  2. They are all amazing! I love doing challenges! Claire's is probably my favorite and I used to yours. LOL

    1. Thanks Christy. Sorry for stopping our challenge. Life just took over for all of us (babies, travel etc) so it took a back seat and hasn't made a come back yet. But yay for all the other challenges out there. I recently saw an Alphabet challenge which I am tempted to join in.....