B.Loves Plates/Color Alike Universe Collection - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 26 May 2016

I have been on the hunt for some creme stamping polishes for a little while now.  My stamping polish collection mainly consists of metallics and while I love the look of them in person, they just don't look as good in pictures.  I have been eyeing off and have heard some great things about the B.Loves Plates/Color Alike stamping polishes so I took the plunge and purchased some (I will be doing reviews on those in the next few weeks).  Just before I made my purchase I saw that they had multichrome stamping polishes!!  My heart skipped a beat and despite the big price tag I added them to my cart and didn't look back.  Now I have them to share with you.  While there is only three polishes in this collection, the post is quite picture heavy.

B. A Lagoon is a multichrome stamping polish that shifts from purple, green, red and gold. 

B. A. Milky Way is a multichrome stamping polish that mainly shifts between ultramarine and purple.

B. An Orion is a multichrome stamping polish that shifts between blue, purple, red and gold.

Overall I like these polishes but I don't love them..  They look amazing in the bottles and look great over black, but the colour shift really struggles over white and I assume other light colours as well.  Honestly I think you can get the same look (and cheaper!) using a multichrome polish and stamping a colour over the top.  This collection in my opinion isn't worth the $43US price tag.

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  1. They are gorgeous but alas my nails are fairly flat and so duochromes are pointless for me. They look lovely on you!