Bundle Monster Polynesia Stamping Plate Collection - Traditional Polynesia - Swatches & RevieW

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Today I am back with another set of new plates from Bundle Monster.  This time I have one of the Polynesia collections to show you.  The Polynesia range is broken up into four sets - Traditional Polynesia (which I will be sharing with you today), Local Kine, Polynesian Tribal and Land Of Aloha.  Each set contains 5 XL plates with different designs.  Now as a word of warning, this post is pretty picture heavy but I just wanted to make sure that all swatches of the plates were clearly visible.

Like my Time Machine review (you can see that here if you missed it), I have swatched all the designs on paper and have used Konad stamping polish in black and my rectangle squishy stamper from Messy Mansion.






I am such a huge fan of these plates.  I love the mix of designs and they all stamp really well.  I did receive a plate that was faulty (BM-XL111) so I borrowed Margaret's @m_a_tom on Instagram to finish doing my review.  I contacted Bundle Monster about this and they have sent me a replacement plate so the customer service is awesome.  Thank you Bundle Monster, it's just another reason why I will continue shopping with you.

Now if you are interested in purchasing any of the Polynesia collections they are available from Bundle Monster in their sets of five for US$19.99 or you can buy the individual plates for US$4.99.

Will you be grabbing any of the Polynesia plates?  I know I will be collecting them all.

*edit:  I am now a Maniology Ambassador!  You can save 10% off your order at Maniology with the code OLIVIA10.  Please note that I do make a small commission when you use my code (which I plan on then putting back into my blog - ie buying new products to swatch and review).


  1. Oh there are some lovely images there! And actually you've shown them really clearly on the paper so that's changed my mind about paper swatches. My only concern is that some of the images may be too wide for my nails as they're XL. Really lovely mix of designs though and beautifully used in your two swatches

  2. Thanks Claire. They are quite large so some of them probably will be tricky to use on smaller nails (or even my size nails) but I do love them and how I don't end up missing bits if I haven't lined them up properly :)