OPI Brights 2015 Collection - Swatches & Review

Wednesday 17 June 2015

It is no secret that I am a fan of bright polishes, so when I heard that OPI had a new Brights collection I had to have it.  Now a little confusion, I have actually had these sitting in my polish rack waiting to be swatched for quite a few weeks now but honestly they haven't really made my heart sing enough for me to want to dive straight into them.  Sure they are nice, but I just found them a little underwhelming.  Today I will be showing you six of the polishes, but there are actually nine in total (three are re-promotes from last year so I didn't swatch those).

From past experience I have had some comments and some confusion about some of the mainstream releases that I post about.  Being in Australia, some of the collections and polishes do vary to what other countries (especially the US) receive.  To make it clear, these polishes are from the US collection and not the Australian collection.  I believe that the main difference between the two versions is the glitter polish.  Right, now let's get into the swatches.

Can't Hear Myself Pink is a shimmery metallic pink.  I personally think this one is really pretty.  It's definitely my favorite from this collection.  It applies easily but is quite sheer.  I need to use three coats for full coverage.

I Sea You Wear OPI is described as an iridescent metallic blue.  Really pretty colour.  The formula is similar to Can't Hear Myself Pink.  I used three coats for my swatch.

I STOP For Red is a bright red polish.  Nothing super exciting about this polish.  I feel like it's very similar to other bright reds (you can see a comparison of it to the red polish from China Glaze's Desert Escape collection here). It applies evenly, but is quite sheer.  I used three coats of my swatch and there is still a visible nail line (it's more noticeable in person).

My Car Has Navy-gation is described as a deep navy blue.  Personally I don't really understand why this polish is in a "brights" collection.  The formula was quite tricky to work with as well.  It dries as you apply it and drags the polish.  To avoid this, I had to use really thick coats.  I personally wouldn't recommend this polish at all.  I used two coats for my swatch.

On Pinks And Needles is a mix of hot pink glitters in a clear base.  Nothing over the top exciting about this one, but I am sure I will get a bit of use out of it over time.  The glitter payoff is quite good.  I used one dabbed on coat over OPI Alpine Snow.

The Berry Thought Of You is a berry purple creme.  I think it's a pretty colour.  The formula is easy to use but it is one the sheer side.  After two coats you still have a slight visible nail line, so I used three coats for my swatch.

Like I mentioned earlier, these are the six new colours that have been released.  The re-promote polishes are Hotter Than You Pink (which is a hot pink), Down To The Core-al (which is a bright coral) and Life Gave Me Lemons (which is a bright yellow-green).  There are a number of swatches for these polishes available, just google OPI Neons 2014 and they should pop up.  I am happy to swatch these (and do any comparisons) if people would like.  Just let me know. 

What do you think of this collection?  Will you be picking up any of the shades?  


  1. Nothing on your swatches which are gorgeous as ever but I wasn't blown away when I saw these in Sally's. 'Brights' is a bit misleading. I suppose I was hoping for another neon collection... However I adore I Sea but was concerned about staining. Blues and greens like this hate me! Dud you have any issues?

    1. I'm the same as you Claire. I was hoping for neons or brighter colours in general. Some of the colours in this collection are quite pretty but I just don't think they suit a Brights collection. I didn't have any staining with any of the polishes from memory but I did swatch and take straight off. I don't think I Sea would be a stainer but you do end up with shimmery bits everywhere when you take it off.