Bundle Monster Around The World Stamping Plate Collection - Swatches & Review

Sunday, 28 June 2015

I'm back!  I am finally back.... I hope.  I have been having so many computer issues lately and it is driving me nuts.  I like plan out all my posts in advance so I know where I am up to (something I have learnt to do with all the nail art challenges I do on Instagram each month) and the whole computer issues has thrown all my planning out the window.  But I am back!

Now today I am super excited to be sharing with you the latest release from Bundle Monster - the Around The World stamping plates.  This collection consists of five plates with various designs inspired from places around the world (as the name suggests).  I absolutely love these plates.  Not only have I tested them all on paper but I have so far used three of the plates for different manis (you can see these on my Instagram page). 







How beautiful are these designs?  I really love them and they stamp beautifully.  I definitely recommend grabbing them if you can.  I think my person favorite is BM-XL154. I am obsessed with the designs on it, especially the ones on the elephant's side.

These are available from Bundle Monster and are sold as a five piece set or individually.
*edit:  I am now a Maniology Ambassador!  You can save 10% off your order at Maniology with the code OLIVIA10.  Please note that I do make a small commission when you use my code (which I plan on then putting back into my blog - ie buying new products to swatch and review).

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  1. I think I need these! I've decided I really like seeing the designs stamped on paper. . Gives you a really good idea of possibilities! I think my favourite has to be the plate with the Geisha girl. I imagine they might be gradually adding to this collection?