LaBomb Mani Bombs - Review

Sunday 14 June 2015

Mani bombs seem to be a huge thing at the moment, so naturally I wanted to try to see what they are about.  I heard through Facebook that there was a new Australian brand coming and that their products were amazing.  I followed on Instagram and liked their Facebook page and patiently waited for LaBomb Mani Bombs to open their doors (so to speak - they are an online store so technically there is no doors but you know what I mean).  Luck was on my side, and Kura (the owner and creator) was calling out for bloggers to review her products.  And here we are.

I was sent six of the bombs (see pics below for names) to try and all I can say I am in love.  I really like all of the scents I received, although they are quite overwhelming sitting together.  Now I should point out that I am not too fussy with scents and I also haven't actually tried any mani bombs or bath bombs before so I am not sure how these compare.    

Choc'bread Men

Cotton Candy

Mutant Mask Men

Nectarine & Honey

Rose Geranium, Orange & Chamomile

Now I also did receive Ahola which I used before I took my pictures.  I blame the excitement!

Each mani bomb comes in a small zip lock bag with a label that has all the ingredients listed for each of the bombs.  All six of the bombs I received were sent wrapped in bubble wrap to minimize any damage.  Mine did have very minimal crumbling but I just tipped those bits straight into the water.

How to use:
These bombs can be used on both hands and feet (and also in baths if you like) and are really simple to use.  Simply put warm water into a (preferably glass) bowl big enough to submerge your hands/feet, add the bomb and watch it (and hear it) fizz into liquid goodness.  Soak hands/feet for about 5-10 minutes, and then pat dry with a paper towel.  Allow the oils to absorb into the skin for half an hour and then rinse off.

Choc'bread Men dissolving in water

My experience:
I decided to test two of the bombs - Choc'bread Men on my hands and Aloha on my feet.  Both dissolved in the water within a minute, and both gave off great fragrance that wasn't too over powering.  After patting dry my hands and feet I didn't notice that they looked oily but they did look well moisturized and felt soft and smooth (and they still look and feel good a day later too).

Like I mentioned earlier, I am in love with these bombs and definitely will be buying more in the future.  My favorite scents of the ones I received are Nectarine & Honey and Choc'bread Men.

These are available now from LaBomb Mani Bombs and range from $1.80 to $2.20 each.  There is a huge variety of scents and shapes but they appear to be selling out rather quickly, so grab some while you can.


  1. Thank you very very much for you awesome review babe 😘😘😘

    1. Thanks Kura. I've actually nearly used them all up so expect an order from me soon :)