March 2020 Favourites

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

What a month March has been!  In some ways it has gone really quickly and in other ways it has been the longest month ever.  We started off the month with business as usual, and have ended it with home schooling/early school holidays, being unable to purchase a lot of things that we need, and then of course there is the up and down emotions and all the questions about what is going to happen.  We are very fortunate to have our health still and we get to spend more time together so that is definitely a silver lining at this point in time.  Anyway, I'm sure you haven't come here to listen to me babbling on about the coronavirus.  Let's chat all the good polish things from this month!

Nail Art
I think I went into this month thinking I was going to get a lot more nail art done than I actually managed.  But oh well.  I am extremely pleased with the manis that I did manage to do.  Let's hope April brings some more good nail art manis.

Stamping Plates
I think I briefly mentioned the Just For Claws plates from Uberchic Beauty but I didn't actually share the blog post until the start of this month which is why they are in my March Favourites.  We all know that I am a big fan of Uberchic plates and I love that they have put some of their previously released images onto a plate and enlarged them for those with long and wide nails.  

Image from Uberchic Beauty
Mainstream Polishes 
This month I got to try out a new brand (well new to me anyway) - Candy Coat and got to start playing with some new things from Dance Legend.  I'm not sure if either of these brands are mainstream or if they are more indie but for today I am going to say they are both mainstream brands.
Candy Coat Mini Polishes
I was sent three mini polishes from Candy Coat to play with and I love them.  The formulas aren't a favourite but the colours are awesome and so fun to wear!

Dance Legend Adamant 
Oh I am trying so hard to narrow down my favourites (Future Tracy will be very thankful) but I definitely couldn't go past Dance Legend Adamant.  I mean it's holo with flakies - AMAZING!

Indie Polishes
Now this is the time where I start to struggle to really narrow down these favourites - the indie girls are killing it still!
Emily de Molly March Releases
Every month without fail Emily de Molly release the most amazing polishes (which also includes their limited edition polishes that I don't always purchase purely from a lack of funds).  I can easily say that I love all of this month's releases but my favourites of favourites would have to be Past Present Future, Shades Of The Night, Be The Solution, Intensity and Consider The Source.

Grace-full Nail Polish War Of The Roses (Polish Pick Up March 2020)
Grace-full Nail Polish make some awesome each month for Polish Pick Up and War Of The Roses is one of them.  Heads up - April also has an amazing polish.  It will be on my blog tomorrow.

Grace-full Nail Polish Colourful Lyrics Collection
I love that Grace-full have released another rainbow collection.  They are just so pretty and will make from some great nail art!  I am hoping to get to use them in some nail art very, very soon.

That brings me to the end of today's post.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  Let me know what things you have loved this month.  Stay safe everyone x

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